Let em Roll at the quarter pole is here!

We made it! And Ed’s smiling upon us because he and I know for certain that we could Not have accomplished this without YOU! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Can’t help but to be emotional today. It’s been a long and sometimes winding journey which pretty much sums up Ed’s and my life together, full of excitement with very few moments that were ever mundane. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

And since I have quite a task at hand getting ready for our first day, I’m going to be brief. The stats are In and they Are powerful though there are Way…….. Too…. Many to cull through which means that we’ll have to make some adjustments. Nothing that will delay our progress, just that the potential bet list should be something that we should be able to go to and comfortably bet after the days scratches and changes and right now the program is pulling up over 50.

The Potential Bet List should only be listing horses with a large advantage that is defined by the ratings over the next runner in each race. As we move along I plan to get into the details of all this, what the ratings mean and how the program comes up with the potential order of finish but for now the horses showing up in the list have about a 10 point rating advantage which isn’t enough because there are still a lot of runners within the top three that are winning verses listing the precise winner. This is OK for exotic wagering however since our wagers will be around 70 to 75% across the board which can be win place and show or just place and show or just show, deciding with each bet, this list should be a fairly quick go to each day that would afford me the time to delve into exotics.

To give you an idea of what to expect. I will cull through the races this evening and then tomorrow after scratches I will rerun the program so it recalculates the changes for todays conditions. As an example, each change can change the race dynamics so if today’s race was to be on the turf but it rained and the race was taken off the turf, the projected outcome would change so we’ve designed the program that I can keep up with each change. So I’m able to adjust, pass or play according to each days card. This is a great feature in many ways because it takes into account pedigree, age, race conditions, gender, jockey switches, surface conditions so say it rained at Gulfstream and they remained on the turf however the turf is no longer firm and is now listed as Good, pedigree matters so I am able to run the program to recalculate this which then helps me decide what to do.

The program will continue to evolve as right now it truly is in it’s infancy user friendly wise. The ultimate goal is to be able to make the across the board bet decisions within an hour each day and then I’ll spend additional hours looking through races for potential exotic bets. Though it’s important to note that I’ll require complete solitude in order for me to be the best I can be for us. I am grateful for my assistant Jon who in his own right is an excellent handicapper, one of the few people we had the pleasure to know that bet very similar to Ed so he has a great understanding of what is involved when making bets. So while I’m working at increasing our bank roll and soon our monthly income, Jon will be taking care of posting the wagers that I made the previous day which will include the results so there’s full disclosure.

After tomorrow, our official first day we’ll show you where you’ll be able to view everything and in a short time we’ll be making videos so you can see the rocket ship we all built.

Without further ado I have quite an evening ahead of me. Know I probably won’t sleep much tonight cause this is exciting and am so happy that we’re finally here, yet at present this is time consuming and in order for me to be at my best I’ll sign off here.

It’s time for us to enjoy the ride 🙂

The Elephant in the Room

As we come close to the finish line, it’s time to discuss what we put together, the structure, the why, the how and the reason we formed this business in the first place.  Which is to make All of us, everyone who has patiently rated their position in this route race, along with the late comers who wish that they had invested earlier, before the buy in exploded, a lot of $$$$$.

And in order to make all of us a lot of money it’s imperative that I alone am privy to this daily output of information because I am the one who will be making our bets.

I say this as straight forward and candid as I possibly can because everyone wants to know the programs daily selections so they can make their own wagers and though I completely understand and admit that I would wish for the same, if I were to let this happen we would fail.

And Ed and I didn’t give our life, his unmatched knowledge and experience to this venture, nor did each of you invest for one person to profit all. It’s that simple.

Our structure is designed to protect everyone who invested, not one. And I am so confident in our success that I not only personally put forth all my money in order to keep this venture rolling, I am willing to double the amount of any capital invested now through the next few weeks in order to have a large enough betting pool to get us to profitable quick.

Because I understand that what we have would greatly enhance everyone’s personal betting decisions I want to provide something.  I realize at this moment, prior to when all the validations are in that the Potential Bet list has been less than stellar and when I have chosen to bet for us I haven’t been able to confidently use the Potential Bet list to make our wagers though I am aware that this will change in a few short weeks so I plan to continue to daily post these.

And since most everyone said they enjoyed a great deal of wins from the full card reports we posted for Del Mar and Saratoga, once we’re rolling, I plan to randomly post a full card from one of the tracks running each day.

When we cross the finish line our top rated selections will be winning on average 70% of the time so I plan to bet and hit a lot of multiple race wagers; Pick 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s, and quite a few daily doubles.

Our program was purposely built to be used by one person, and all features included are ones to greatly benefit in my making our decisions. One that I’ll rely on most enables the race day changes throughout the day to include the; scratches, surface, surface changes and conditions as well as change in jockey. And with these changes the finishing positions and ratings can change too. As an example if the race is taken off the turf, there normally would be a lot of scratches and the horses that remain will have a different rating than they would have, had the race remained on the turf. Another example would be the race remains on the turf but the turf surface today comes up yielding. This would change the ratings as some pedigree is bred to like a yielding turf while others only perform well on firm. Same applies for dirt. Not all horses are bred to like the slop and not all trainers perform well on a change of surface.

The program is not designed to publish reports other than summaries which is the reason why we are unable to post anything other than the top rated horse.

In closing today’s post I’d like to share something that happened around two weeks ago because by doing so I believe you will see what we actually have.  I was offered several million dollars for the betting program in its completed form. Though I was not surprised by the offer because Ed and I realized what we were building, I was more taken back that this person knew who I was and what we have. Turns out this was one of the casinos VIPs they told me about and though I did give them the OK to open the door to discussions, it was not about this. I turned him down of course as selling our betting program is something I will not do. Ed and I agreed that if we were ever fortunate enough to bring this venture to fruition that we must protect this at all costs; For all the shareholders that got us here and to ensure that no one investor could be able to override all.

I sincerely hope that you can appreciate the reason for the decisions I make.

We’re closing in and truly can not wait till we roll………..


Afternoon. As mentioned I’m in the process of getting my assistance set so I am able to devote my full attention into what we have so when I have bet it’s mostly been through culling each card and test betting win, place and show because these will be 70 to 75% of our wagers. Nothing stellar to report just yet. Been holding our own and plan to wait till additional algorithms are in so I’m not having to choose so much between the top 3 program selections.
Today I’ve taken a stab at a few exotics and one of these being a Pick 6 at Gulfstream. Here’s what we have:

$0.20 PK6 on 1,3,7/4,5,7,10/8/1,3-6,8,9/3,6,8,11/1,4,5 $201.60

Where We Are and …….

To date I’ve been pretty much running our entire venture alone which is the precise reason for the space between updates. However, now that we’ve arrived at this juncture where I am actually making our test bets, it’s imperative for me to have time to delve into what we built and continue to refine. So at present I am taking the necessary steps to ensure this is accomplished and to do so requires me to temporarily switch gears. Though I plan to continue to test bet Thursday through Sunday.

Recently we’ve had the good fortune to enlist the help of two very qualified assistants; one whose primary role is to maintain our daily updates and the other is a personal assistant to me who will aid in keeping all shareholders informed and in addition will take care of other necessaries in order for me to be able to explore this rocket ship that we built.

And what do we have now and what can we expect?
Well we have enough algorithms to identify potential bets, with additional ones being added to our arsenal weekly which will continue for some time, so at present, and until the bulk of these mathematical validations are incorporated in, the task to identify potential plays continues to be a laborious.

Since test betting involves regular feedback to the developers and our mathematician in order for them to make adjustments and tweak, I find this manageable by targeting specific tracks that I personally prefer to bet and being able to bet them regularly will allow me to gauge the amount of time we’ll be in test mode. This will happen once my assistants are regularly handling all the other tasks. My estimate is this will take about two weeks for things to run smooth and then I will be giving my full attention to our test bets.

In other words you won’t be hearing much from me until my assistants are set and in full motion unless of course we have another sizeable hit. We’re not doing too bad so far 🙂

Let em roll at the quarter pole


Just letting you know that I bet the following Pick 6 Wager for us today:

$0.20 PK6 3, 7, 8, 10/4, 7, 9, 10/2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9/1, 3/4, 6, 8, 10/12 $153.60
$0.20 PK6 3, 7, 8, 10/4, 7, 9, 10/2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9/4, 6, 7/4, 6, 8, 10/12 $230.40
$0.20 PK6 3, 7, 8, 10/4, 7, 9, 10/2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9/1, 3, 4, 6, 7/3, 5, 9/12 $288.00
$0.20 PK6 3,7,8,10/4,7,9/2,4-7,9/1,3/4,10/1,4 $115.20
$0.20 PK6 3,7,8,10/4,7,9/2,4-7,9/4,6,7/4,8,10/1,4 $259.20
$0.20 PK6 3,7,8,10/10/2,4-7,9/1,3,6/3-6,8,10/1,4 $172.80

A Special Tribute to Ed

Russell Staggs, a good friend, one of our shareholders, and a long time equistats partner recently became a thoroughbred owner and when he designed his silks said he would like to add this special tribute to Ed on his silks sleeves. I just had to share this great gesture with You.

Russell at Gulfstream park with jockey Chantal Sutherland.

So Where are we now and What Happens Next?

Now that we’ve reached this point in our endeavor we can expect a continuance of starts and stops in order to refine the program outputs. Not that we’ll notice much interruption, probably only an occasional delay in posting the daily potential bets, however, these steps are necessary. They will be tweaking and validating by viewing the previous days results as well as from the feedback I give them on our test bets towards improving accuracy and having a finished product that we can confidently wager from.

I’m including a video of our program and the previous days results for what our program calls the “Standouts” that we publish under our Potential Bets – all list. Since there is no sound, note that the top part of the program lists 12 potential bets on the list and as you’ll see from this screen shot that below is the list of how the program projected the horses would run each race and to the left the word Pos stands for finishing position. Right now we’re averaging 50% wins from the top 3 program selections for all races and in order to show you this, I will uncheck the Standouts link so you’ll see each race at all racetracks running yesterday. And when I tallied yesterday’s results there were 119 total races where only 48 did not have the winner selected in the top three which means 60% of the races had the winner selected in the top 3.

Click on image to enlarge

In a sense I am sort of opening up a can of worms by sharing this because there is so much more to share that I will cover later, like why there may be more runners listed on this list than we posted however since it’s important to me that you follow along with our progress I want to show this to you now. Only ask everyone to hold back any questions until I’ve had the chance to fully update.

Results races 7/27/21 (Click the square next to the volume to view full screen video). Click escape to reduce size

In addition, the mathematician, Nick, who I am happy to say is now one of us (a shareholder) and our head developer (who is my partner in equi-stats and also a shareholder) are tweaking and validating, and tweaking and validating the integration of Ed’s algorithms towards additional accuracy. When this reaches their pinnacle, they will go to work on integrating the mathematicians first group of validations and at yesterday’s meeting was informed should be in place in two weeks. From here we’ll notice a big, big change in the numbers, rating wise and accuracy though this integration will also require necessary tweaking and validating.

Not all algorithms will debut in this version. To explain what this actually means is we could only estimate the process of the massive undertaking we chose to initiate, the size of the database, and all it’s components as well as all the data points we’re asking to include and these can only be validated as the clean data is made ready. So what they have chosen to do is tackle the essential base first which is Ed’s brain and the 4 race form cycle that is track specific, class specific, distance specific and surface specific. The results of 50% winners from the top three selections is better than anyone projected and this was right out of the gate, prior to any tweaking.

Though I can confidently bet with what is already in place, it still requires a lot of looking through things on my end, meaning hours of handicapping, and until the mathematicians algorithms are in, I’m finding the bulk of our wagers from the full race card list as opposed to from the Potential Bet All list though those are also hitting at a 50% win rate from the top three and one of the main reasons I’m fully aware that at this point can not be too much higher is because we are awaiting surface and surface condition to be applied. Horses do not run the same on a muddy track verses fast and the same applies to a good turf verses firm however these will be in over the next few weeks.

Going to stop here so I can post this update. At present I am not betting every day though I am when Del Mar is running because they offer Parlay bets through the Casino. This is something Ed wanted most of all and we didn’t know if this would be possible. Another topic that I plan to delve into a little later however for now this is the only track I can place these wagers on. Since I’m wearing a lot of hats right now and the development of our program is essential to our progression I’m going to resume these updates early next week.

Also on board is my new assistant who possess presentation skills like no other so you’ll get to see a lot of good over the next few weeks as we let em roll………….

Thank You!!!

As we embark upon the beginning of our wonderful venture that is certain to change our lives, I want you to know from my heart and my love Ed’s heart that we know none of this would have been possible without You. Each of You and your years of support and belief in us and what we have put together is literally what has kept me moving onward.

I’m in the process of putting together an additional update. There is much to share, where we are now and truly how things will unfold. The progress continues daily and testing and checking things as of late is the reason for most of the update delays though plan to have the next one posted for you some time tomorrow. Stay tuned 🙂

Bizarre Methods no one else would think of

We did it! We’re here because of bizarre methods no one else would think of adopting and it’s now time for me to put into action all that we’ve been working towards!

Bizarre methods no one else would think of adopting

Have so much to catch up on and I think that the quickest and simplest way to relay all the good that has happened, where we are now and what is to come is through the use of bullet points followed then by the details of which will take several days for me to write:

  • Integrating of all Ed Bain’s 4-race form cycle algorithms on Layoffs, Claims, Debuts, and Won Last Race (which developers labeled a snow flake of the full integration)
  • Test Bets (currently here with positive results to report)
  • Delivery of the first group of the mathematicians validations
  • Converting python code to C++
  • Test Bets
  • Hired an Assistant who will among many other things assist me in keeping everyone informed (already hired, in training and soon will be….)
  • Producing videos showing our betting program and what we have
  • Training equi-stats partners to test bet (back up bettors already in place, hand picked partners by Ed and me who amazingly we both chose the same excellent handicappers)
  • Delivery of the second group of the mathematicians validations
  • Converting python code to C++
  • Test Bets

    I soon discovered that I was mistaken when I informed everyone that all the algorithms have been added in. I was so impressed and taken back by this integration and the accuracy of the stats that when the developers said all the algorithms were in I mistakenly took this as all, not hearing that these were the ones pertaining to Ed and all his criteria. This addition has the ratings currently winning from the top three program selections 50% of the time. These include all of Ed’s 4-race form cycle algorithms on Layoffs, Claims, Debuts, and Won Last Race (which developers labeled a snow flake of the full integration) and in the same statement said we will soon be incomprehensibly dazzled when the mathematicians validations begin integration and went out on a limb to say we’ll see nothing like we’ve ever encountered before.

I’ve began making actual test bets though it wasn’t until yesterday (Sunday) that I really had the chance to delve. Though a small loss given the full scope of everything being new and finding my way, I found most of the wagers I made were based off of the full reports rather than the Potential Bet List.

In order to get an update out tonight I’m going to stop here and include the report of these test bets and continue this update tomorrow. We’re also having another meeting with all my partners and the developers late tomorrow which we’ll include their additions over the next few days too. Here’s our test bets so far: Test Bets

In closing I want to share that I am totally confident in this development and how things are coming together and after yesterday I know that with what is already present, not even including the rest and the best that is yet to come that we’ll bolt from the starting gate. From here my focus will now be on opening up 4 of the 8 and 1/2 remaining shares to fund our bets.


Non-Disclosure Agreement

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