Ok…… we’ve formed the new LLC for our horse racing venture called
Zen Racing Stats

What happens next?
All investors should download and complete form W-9 and mail completed copy back to us for tax purposes. This and any open investment should be in hand when the betting program is complete and at that time we will issue the stock certificates. All investors who have already invested in full will receive their stock certificate(s) right after we have the completed tax information in hand. Once complete please mail W-9 to equistats c/o Ed Bain 1257 Oak Village Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89183.

Everything is going well with the programming. It’s taking the expected time. Like you, Susan and I are anticipating it’s completion and are looking forward to the day when we will soon be making live investments.

Stay safe and well. Will be in touch when there is new news to post.
Let em roll at the quarter poll,
Ed and Susan

Please be sure to snail mail completed form. W-9 contains sensitive information.