Touching Base

Belated Happy 4th to everyone. 

Susan and I wanted to touch base because there is a lot of quiet time during the building process of the betting program.  We did experience some delay due to the pandemic though we’re still on track and making a lot of progress. 

Our most recent accomplishment has been securing the database, the data tools, and storage center. Basically everything connected to our project and since we’ve been on the receiving end of cyber break ins in our past our security is similar to the ones financial institutions take. 

Currently we are in discussions with the mathematician. There are specific tools that the programmers are building that have to be in place regarding the input of the data from the database and equations so we are unable to put the mathematician on board until these are complete. In our most recent discussion with the programmers we should be ready for the mathematician around the second week in August.  We won’t know how long it will take the mathematician to do his work though he will give us an estimate when we’re closer to being ready.

Once the mathematician completes his work the programmers say it will take about another month to have the module ready for use.  From here we will run tests.  Not making any actual bets yet, first to confirm the accuracy.  We do expect adjustments will have to be made as this is a normal part of the module building process. Can’t say how long this test process will take.  We’ll have a better idea when the module is ready.

There’s a lot going on in our world.  Hope everyone is doing OK, healthy and staying safe.  Susan and I continue to take all necessary precautions. Looking forward to the day we go live.