The Betting Program

Good Evening. Was all ready to show you where we are with our betting program when I downloaded the screen record software and everything recorded fine except for the Sound. Apparently there are some settings that we need to adjust and am waiting to hear back from the software company about this. So rather than keep everyone in suspense I’m uploading the video of our program Without Sound. Then next week my assistant will be here spending Thanksgiving with me and at that time we will add the sound. Just want you to know that we didn’t forget and even without sound you will be able to view the progress to date.

Just remember everything is Track specific, Class specific, Distance specific, Surface specific as well as Field Size specific And most of the algorithms are Not set yet which is the reason you won’t see a lot of stats. We are shooting for and are on track for going live some time in January. Prior to this we will be doing test bets.

Here’s the link to the betting program without voice: