Data Points

Hope everyone is staying in and staying safe. Susan and I are taking all the necessary precautions and have most essentials on hand.

We’re excited about our mutual venture coming together and have been pleasantly surprised by some additional positives making their way, particularly the extra boosts of energy. Let em roll at the quarter poll……..

Wanted to publish a short post with more good news for everyone. We’ve just about finished listing all the data points for the betting program and will be handing these over to the programmers early next week. The programming will require about a months worth of set up before they are ready for the mathematician so it is very important for anyone who has put down one 1/3rd for them to send in the second 1/3rd by the end of April. If anyone wants to invest this 1/3 through a credit card please fill out the information on this authorization form CC-Authorization-Form.pdf and then mail that to us. And for anyone who perfers to mail a check for the second 1/3 please make this payable to equistats and mail in c/o Ed Bain, 1257 Oak Village Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89183.

We’ll be setting up the LLC in May and wanted to let you know in advance that we’ll be mailing you some forms to complete and return to us for tax purposes. It’s safer to snail mail sensitive information as opposed to email.

Lastly, one of our partners in our syndicate is a well respected doctor in California and the other day he shared the following re the Covid-19 Virus that we wish to share with you.
The above, Stanford professor is worth listening to, facts over rhetoric

1.  It’s respiratory droplets that can go 6 feet, so keep a 10 foot distance from others as much as possible This is different than airborne, like influenza, measles, varicella, etc

2.  Soap and water works better than hand sanitizer, which doesn’t work well on dirty or greasy hands, either.  at it’s best sanitizer, alcohol based, works 80% to that of soap.  The best sanitizer has some soap in it.  Soap is nonpolar, as is the lipid in the virus particle, so it can disrupt the viral structure, leading to collapse.

If sick with fever and cough, stay home until symptoms are gone, then add 3 days.   The total stay-at-home duration, beginning from the 1st day of fever must add up to at least 7 days.  So, if you are sick for 2 days, then totally better, and add 3 day, that’s 5 – no good, the total must equal 7 days.
Stay Safe. Susan and I want all of us to have the chance to enjoy the fruits from our fabulous endeavor!

Welcome Members!

This is the new secured private area of my website where we will post all syndicate updates from this day forward. We’re still working on some things and are a few days to a week away from posting.
For now if you can do me a favor by replying to the email that we sent that contains your login credentials so we know that you had no trouble getting in. Thank you, Ed and Susan

First Update – Great News!

Susan and I are happy that you are part of our new and exciting horse racing venture. We’ve known many of you for years, some since the 1990s when my stats were in book form and some have even journeyed with us through our online statistical reports. Welcome All! Susan and I perceive this venture the best one of all.

We’re at the point where we wish to keep our syndicate progress among us and our Members so we chose to build the private secured area now so we can post all updates. We had Cindy create pages that we will use in the future to eventually post our bets as well as the results.

There is much to do behind the scenes in putting this intricate project together and while our venture is in the building stages there won’t be a lot of updates to post.

That said we have Great News to report for our first private post that hopefully will uplift everyone in the midst of all the negatives going on with the Corona Virus outbreak. We’ve given the programmers $20K down and they have agreed to begin building the betting program the first of April! This gives us the essential time to accurately list all the data points, and there are many that they need to write. This involves telling them, step by step, exactly what we want them to do and they in turn write the code to these specifications. There are millions of data points to list requiring tedious input and accuracy which is why during this phase we will not have a lot of updates to report . We will however need to hire a mathematician by early May so it is very important for everyone who has committed that invested a 1/3 that the second 1/3 of the investment be in hand by the end of April.

The cost to build this alone we were told will run 40K. To date we have 11 investors which is enough to get this in motion and we’ve decided to temporarily stop promoting this venture until the betting program is complete. We did this for two reasons; the first is our credit card processing company. The last investment for 3 full shares the credit card processor held and required us to return the funds believing these were for betting subscriptions stating these were prohibited by their sponsoring bank. We have made arrangements and are already set up with a new processor that understands what we are putting together though they suggest a better way for anyone who wishes to use a cc for this investment is to run the charges through in increments over several days as opposed to all at once or for the investor to fill out one of these authorization forms CC-Authorization-Form.pdf and mail these to us where we can take care of this for you. The second reason we are temporarily holding off on promoting our venture is because the 11 investments allow us to get the most critical part of our venture in motion and this will be at Ed’s full direction. It is known that Ed has Cancer and though he is fighting and still has many good days, we know it is imperative now to move forward and by doing so we are assured at getting the betting program completed with his input which is why we are confident of success. The programmers are saying with the massive amounts of the algorithms they need to create that this will take until late July or early August to complete. Once done, the investment per share amount will increase and we already have verbal commitments for most of the shares remaining.

Re the remaining partial shares, if you can mail a check that would be great. If not, by the end of April please use this link; to send in the second 1/3rd of your investment using two back to back days.

Should you have interest in additional shares now would be the time to add them.

In May we also will be setting up the new LLC and at that time we’re probably going to need additional information from each investor for their share as well as for tax purposes.

Lastly because Ed and I both face chronic illness issues we are taking all necessary precautions to avoid this corona virus and sincerely hope everyone who faces chronic issues will do the same. We are staying in as much as possible, ordering on line for groceries and drugs and wearing plastic gloves and masks when we do venture out. Please be safe as this virus is serious especially for anyone who is ill.

We have a great thing going here and Susan and I look forward to sharing all the positives with everyone involved 🙂 Let em roll at the quarter poll………