Merry Christmas Seasons Greetings and Happy Holiday

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday that includes a brief update.

Though I can not tell you the exact date, I can say that we WILL be Running Test Bets in January! It could be late January however I’ve been assured January. We’re still lining up lots of data points with a massive, massive, massive database.

Then I want to share a brief part of a correspondence I had this morning with one of our investors because as I was writing this to him All of You were on my mind.

We’re getting ready to embark on a life changing venture. Making a billion dollars took Bill Benter 7 1/2 years just to begin turning a profit but Benter had to build a database which he did for just 2 racetracks and 2 years of data and then he had to figure out what he wanted to know, And Then Test. We Have a database that contains 108 race tracks with 9 Years of data and Already Know what we want to Know. So in January, only 13 months from the birth of our venture we’ll be firing our guns to make our billion 🙂

Most of our investors are fellow handicappers who know well of the time involved in analyzing races before making any type of decision for an investment on a bet and the program that we’ve built will take all this time away because all this will be done already.  It will then display all the best potential bets for that race day and all I will have to do is choose which ones we bet. This will still probably require about an hour a day because of scratches, weather, track conditions etc however I view one hour as a gift………  I also want you to know that we built this program so anyone can do the same in case anything ever happens to me. Ed knew and I know our venture will succeed so we made sure to have all the necessaries in place. We want this wonderful life changing event that all of us created together to continue.

That said, from now until we’re ready to test I will be completing all the necessary things pertaining to our business such as our operating agreement (defining everything, particularly the confidentiality), setting up an account where we will be making our bets and letting new investors know about the 20 remaining open shares so we’ll have plenty of money to invest in our bets.  Since the program is just about ready we’ll be asking anyone who has a balance due on their share to please send that in when you can. We’ll say it should be in by the end of January. 

The building of our betting program and the hiring of the mathematician cost more than originally projected though not Unexpected.  Since we knew that building this betting program was the only way we could ever get this off the ground Ed and I worked things out with the developers (the head developer is one of my partners in equi-stats who owns 60% of Zen Racing LLC) and equi-stats financed the rest of what was needed so we could get here.  It’s impossible to judge when building something new and especially something so detailed to be precise. So the remaining 20 open shares will be offered for a 10K investment per share.  However, if any current investor would like to invest in an additional share we will offer any amount of open shares to you first for the original investment amount of 6K per share before opening up to anyone on the outside.

Since January will primarily be a test bet month and we won’t be betting large amounts so let’s say we would have to have full per share investment money in hand by Jan 31st.    And if you know you want an additional share but can not get the investment in until the end of next month, just let me know and I’ll save it for you. Then on Feb 1 I will open any remaining open shares to the outside.

Once all investments are in we will no longer be offering any shares and our club will be our own.   Then after one year of our syndicate running, the only way a new investor would be able to get in is if one of our current investors wishes to sell their share (s) though the syndicate will have first right of refusal for that share.  The process of selling that share will be the seller would get the full amount the investment sold for and would no longer be an investor in our syndicate or receive monthly dividends or the list of potential bets and this then would transfer to the new investor. 

It’s been a tough year for all of us. But thanks to Ed and Your believing in us, We made it! And it sure looks like Next Year will be a lot better.

Merry Christmas and Please stay safe,


Stats Info for Betting Program

Hi Members! This is Cindy – Susan asked me to post some videos for you to take a look at so you can see some of the details and information behind our current endeavor!

The video below is an example of the statistics that are being worked into our current betting module. It’s from the old website and was produced for an unsuccessful crowd funding campaign. However, this video shows statistics calculated from the very database we are using to create the new betting program. Take a look and you’ll see what’s coming!

And just for fun – here are two videos of Ed on the TV Show Track Facts. Ed used to be a featured guest on this upstate NY OTB Racing Network Show hosted by Tom Amello and noted handicapper Nick Kling. Enjoy!

Video of our Betting Program

Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving. Wanted to get this to you so you can see the tool that will soon change all of our lives 🙂

Click the square at the bottom right of the video (next to volume control) to view an enlarged version of this video . Use the Esc key to exit full screen mode.

Apologize for the rough version of our initial betting tool video. In the process of getting familiar with this new software.

Posting this first video so you’d have a good idea of where we are heading. Plan to post additional videos over the next week and in these will give you a good idea of when we’ll be testing our tool as well as a close estimate as to when we see that we’ll be going live.