Will be back in November

Morning everyone,

Wanted to let you know that because of covid and with my family all living on the east coast facing their own underlined illnesses that I have had to handle everything involved with losing a loved one alone.

It’s only been 8 weeks since Ed has passed and last week was the very first time that I’ve had the chance to truly mourn my loss, my love, my life, my best friend, my soul and I honestly need to take at least another week to process this major loss in my life.

Things continue to progress and I’ve been having a lot of back and forth with both the programmers and the mathematician and with these interactions our betting tool continues to evolve. As I see it (this is me talking, not the developers) we’re about two weeks away from being able to show you the progress and at that time I will set up a go-to-meeting to show you the tool and what we’ve accomplished so far.

My life with Ed has been an adventure, an actual whirlwind right up until the end. With this came a lot of great times, tough ones faced with adversity because we dared to innovate along with exhausting times, especially at the end.  

I understand that we are sitting on something really big which is why I pushed through all the things I am personally going through to post the last update with the screen shots as soon as the programmers had the base of the tool available.

And now in order to be all I can be for our venture I need this brief time just to grieve and sincerely hope for your understanding.

Please Stay Safe. Look forward to being in touch soon,