It’s a Process

For every action there is a reaction and as expected when we went live, (the action) there would be some necessary tweaking (the reaction).

The first one I noticed was there were way too many potential bets making it to the potential bet list and this proposed an immediate challenge by having a great deal of races to cull through and became quite noticeable last Saturday and Sunday when these were the first two days that I bet for us that produced a loss. (Click on the Wagering Reports link in the header bar to view).

Thankfully I lived with, in my opinion, one of the best horseplayers to ever exist, who understood the value of keeping records because it’s through these records that he was able to make his adjustments and the same applies to our program although once identified I must rely on the developers and money to input these changes and when we identify something that needs to adjust, this fits us into their schedule.

Keeping records on so many tracks can be taxing, even with a program that tally’s each day’s results because in order to know precisely what requires tweaking, I must transpose the results data to spreadsheets which at present doesn’t contain all the fields that will aid in making a decision so for now I must add this data manually.

Everything will eventually be included but building a program of this magnitude is a process and since we’re traveling to a frontier that hasn’t been traveled before, we can only make these adjustments as we move along.

Now that we’ve arrived I feel it is the time for me to share something personal about myself that some investors may not know because we’ve only recently been acquainted. We’re getting ready to take off, literally fly, and I made it here while dealing with sometimes rather debilitating health issues for quite a long time.

Diagnosed in 2011 with undifferentiated connective tissue disease which in layman terms means I unfortunately have multiple auto-immunes of which includes lupus, RA, sojourn, and scleroderma (the ones that have been identified) though I’ve been fighting these since 1998. I’ve chosen to deal with this and all my other illnesses (of which there are more diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic around the same year) holistically and honestly believe that the reason I am still here, standing and functioning is because of this choice. However, this does not mean that I don’t face a daily challenge and mine is to keep going no matter what card I’m dealt. I share this with you today because I would like you to know why there are times when it takes me a little while before I post updates.

I am euphoric that we’re here! This energy alone supplies me with much though even as good as it is that we reached this milestone, there are still some tweaks that need to be worked through and/or things that require adjustments so even though we’re betting there are days that I am not. When the right thing to do is pull back.

You’ll see from the betting reports posted for 10/7 through 10/10 that even though we’re still profitable because we continued to profit last Thursday and Friday, we lost Saturday and Sunday. So when this happened I made the decision to pull back in order to delve into the records to know where to adjust the program. These adjustments can take some time, (a week or two as opposed to months) and money and since my whole goal is and always will be is for us to make money using the program that we built, when something that needs an adjustment, even if this takes a little time to adjust, it’s absolutely necessary to wait making sizeable wagers. The tweaking and adjusting is expected and doesn’t prevent us from moving forward.

I also shared about my health because when things are moving, I move along with it, sometimes push and the push can be hard in order to make it happen and as a result I’m sometimes faced with having to recoup which happened the past two Monday’s and Tuesdays which puts me behind and is the reason I haven’t been able to supply updates.

Currently I am in the process of training my two very capable assistants, which takes time as most things we need to accomplish has to become realized as we continue forward. The primary goal is for Jon, my personal assistant to keep you informed and to also prepare every report I need each day in order to make our bets and this also takes time. Jon is ready, willing and able to do everything and anything to assist us yet he has to wait until I can let him know what he can assist me with which is the message I wish to relay today.

In closing I tried to have all the PB Reports for last week published with the results for everyone to view. This also requires manual input and now that the weekend’s arrived I plan to look through the program and make us some bets so these reports will be posted next week. Though these actually change during the day due to race day changes on track condition surface, jockey switches and scratches, a good portion of the days potential wagers remain. We’re currently working on 10/7 through 10/9. 10/10 is ready and can be viewed at the header link titled Results All. This date is there because I was able to record the results from the program before the update not realizing that I removed the previous dates when updating :0 which is par for something new. LOL Now that I understand that the updates wipe out the previous days results I’m regularly recording these each morning though they still require clean up in order for the results to show on one sheet and this is also a task that I’ll be relying on Jon to do.

BTW Jon is one of the best handicappers that Ed and I have ever had the pleasure to know. His betting decisions parallel Ed and Ed and Jon never physically met! So his being my assistant is such a welcome and a great happening for us all.

Switching Gears and Getting into Zen Mode

Everything’s changed now that the betting program is ready and we embark on the reason we put this venture together which is for me to make our wagers and to make all of us money.

Because of this and some anticipated necessary tweaking that is expected when something is new and unlike anything done before, I’m currently unable to determine what we are going to publish on our site in the way of reports. I expect to be able to make this decision within the next few weeks after I’ve had the time to use what we built.

Developing the program has also given birth to some new tasks; some essential to be performed by me as they maintain current information throughout the day and others that I’ll be able to hand over to my assistants though this involves some training. In light of this I initially plan to make our bets Thursday through Sunday and work with my assistants regarding these tasks at the beginning of each week.

The ultimate goal is to free me up from all tasks not pertaining to betting so I can “Get into Zen Mode” and truly be all I can be, for us.

As handicappers one of the things we share is an understanding of mindset in order to make sound decisions. One that is completely free of any outside influence so you can truly concentrate on the task at hand.

Ed and I had an unspoken understanding that included complete seclusion from one another when viewing PPs and concentrating on his stats all the way through to attending the races either at an OTB or the racetrack, where we rarely spoke.

Ed used to say that the only person who could ever influence his bets is me and for me it was him because of our mutual respect however influence is Not always good. He saw things that I didn’t and I saw things that he didn’t and sometimes the conversion of such can derail a good plan. So over time we learned solitude, quiet, and keeping our opinions to ourselves, works best. It also helps towards keeping a positive approach no matter how many bets in a row you lose. Positive mindset is crucial to making a living in this sport.

Everything Ed did was well thought out. There were countless times after years passed when I noticed what he envisioned, something he knew would be better done a certain way, a way that would never have entered my mind, and lo and behold it was and usually a great deal better which only increased my respect. So when I asked Ed what he would like to call our venture he immediately replied “Zen Racing Stats” which took me by surprise because I naturally expected he’d include his name somewhere in this. So instead of asking him how he came up with this name, I gave this some thought first and then I knew. It wasn’t just for the significance the Zen mode represents, it was for where the mindset had to be, in order for our venture to come about. Ed’s Zen worksheet says it all:

And would like to let you know that we’ve added a link to the navigation bar called Wagering Reports where you can view the wagers we’ve made. They would normally be posted the following day however since this is one of the tasks I plan to hand over to my assistant Aubri the bets that we make this Thursday through Sunday won’t be posted until next week. Though the bets we made our first official day Sunday, 10/3 are now listed there. We actually did better than I realized cause I counted the wagers made that were later cancelled. Same profit, just less invested.

Should we have an outstanding day I promise to let you know so you won’t have to wait till next week when the wagering reports will be posted. Looking forward to sharing some great days!


Now that we’re rolling……… :), there is much to set up so until all is ready I plan to work on everything to accomplish this Mon thru Thursday for the first few weeks and bet for us Friday through Sunday. After which I still plan to take off every Monday and Tuesday as my assistant And very good friend Jon so eloquently said “Nobody would worry about missing a Show bet at Fort Erie on a Monday!”

Also want to let you know that we’ll post all wagers that we’ve made on the link above called Wagering Reports.

Let em Roll at the quarter pole is here!

We made it! And Ed’s smiling upon us because he and I know for certain that we could Not have accomplished this without YOU! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Can’t help but to be emotional today. It’s been a long and sometimes winding journey which pretty much sums up Ed’s and my life together, full of excitement with very few moments that were ever mundane. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

And since I have quite a task at hand getting ready for our first day, I’m going to be brief. The stats are In and they Are powerful though there are Way…….. Too…. Many to cull through which means that we’ll have to make some adjustments. Nothing that will delay our progress, just that the potential bet list should be something that we should be able to go to and comfortably bet after the days scratches and changes and right now the program is pulling up over 50.

The Potential Bet List should only be listing horses with a large advantage that is defined by the ratings over the next runner in each race. As we move along I plan to get into the details of all this, what the ratings mean and how the program comes up with the potential order of finish but for now the horses showing up in the list have about a 10 point rating advantage which isn’t enough because there are still a lot of runners within the top three that are winning verses listing the precise winner. This is OK for exotic wagering however since our wagers will be around 70 to 75% across the board which can be win place and show or just place and show or just show, deciding with each bet, this list should be a fairly quick go to each day that would afford me the time to delve into exotics.

To give you an idea of what to expect. I will cull through the races this evening and then tomorrow after scratches I will rerun the program so it recalculates the changes for todays conditions. As an example, each change can change the race dynamics so if today’s race was to be on the turf but it rained and the race was taken off the turf, the projected outcome would change so we’ve designed the program that I can keep up with each change. So I’m able to adjust, pass or play according to each days card. This is a great feature in many ways because it takes into account pedigree, age, race conditions, gender, jockey switches, surface conditions so say it rained at Gulfstream and they remained on the turf however the turf is no longer firm and is now listed as Good, pedigree matters so I am able to run the program to recalculate this which then helps me decide what to do.

The program will continue to evolve as right now it truly is in it’s infancy user friendly wise. The ultimate goal is to be able to make the across the board bet decisions within an hour each day and then I’ll spend additional hours looking through races for potential exotic bets. Though it’s important to note that I’ll require complete solitude in order for me to be the best I can be for us. I am grateful for my assistant Jon who in his own right is an excellent handicapper, one of the few people we had the pleasure to know that bet very similar to Ed so he has a great understanding of what is involved when making bets. So while I’m working at increasing our bank roll and soon our monthly income, Jon will be taking care of posting the wagers that I made the previous day which will include the results so there’s full disclosure.

After tomorrow, our official first day we’ll show you where you’ll be able to view everything and in a short time we’ll be making videos so you can see the rocket ship we all built.

Without further ado I have quite an evening ahead of me. Know I probably won’t sleep much tonight cause this is exciting and am so happy that we’re finally here, yet at present this is time consuming and in order for me to be at my best I’ll sign off here.

It’s time for us to enjoy the ride 🙂

The Elephant in the Room

As we come close to the finish line, it’s time to discuss what we put together, the structure, the why, the how and the reason we formed this business in the first place.  Which is to make All of us, everyone who has patiently rated their position in this route race, along with the late comers who wish that they had invested earlier, before the buy in exploded, a lot of $$$$$.

And in order to make all of us a lot of money it’s imperative that I alone am privy to this daily output of information because I am the one who will be making our bets.

I say this as straight forward and candid as I possibly can because everyone wants to know the programs daily selections so they can make their own wagers and though I completely understand and admit that I would wish for the same, if I were to let this happen we would fail.

And Ed and I didn’t give our life, his unmatched knowledge and experience to this venture, nor did each of you invest for one person to profit all. It’s that simple.

Our structure is designed to protect everyone who invested, not one. And I am so confident in our success that I not only personally put forth all my money in order to keep this venture rolling, I am willing to double the amount of any capital invested now through the next few weeks in order to have a large enough betting pool to get us to profitable quick.

Because I understand that what we have would greatly enhance everyone’s personal betting decisions I want to provide something.  I realize at this moment, prior to when all the validations are in that the Potential Bet list has been less than stellar and when I have chosen to bet for us I haven’t been able to confidently use the Potential Bet list to make our wagers though I am aware that this will change in a few short weeks so I plan to continue to daily post these.

And since most everyone said they enjoyed a great deal of wins from the full card reports we posted for Del Mar and Saratoga, once we’re rolling, I plan to randomly post a full card from one of the tracks running each day.

When we cross the finish line our top rated selections will be winning on average 70% of the time so I plan to bet and hit a lot of multiple race wagers; Pick 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s, and quite a few daily doubles.

Our program was purposely built to be used by one person, and all features included are ones to greatly benefit in my making our decisions. One that I’ll rely on most enables the race day changes throughout the day to include the; scratches, surface, surface changes and conditions as well as change in jockey. And with these changes the finishing positions and ratings can change too. As an example if the race is taken off the turf, there normally would be a lot of scratches and the horses that remain will have a different rating than they would have, had the race remained on the turf. Another example would be the race remains on the turf but the turf surface today comes up yielding. This would change the ratings as some pedigree is bred to like a yielding turf while others only perform well on firm. Same applies for dirt. Not all horses are bred to like the slop and not all trainers perform well on a change of surface.

The program is not designed to publish reports other than summaries which is the reason why we are unable to post anything other than the top rated horse.

In closing today’s post I’d like to share something that happened around two weeks ago because by doing so I believe you will see what we actually have.  I was offered several million dollars for the betting program in its completed form. Though I was not surprised by the offer because Ed and I realized what we were building, I was more taken back that this person knew who I was and what we have. Turns out this was one of the casinos VIPs they told me about and though I did give them the OK to open the door to discussions, it was not about this. I turned him down of course as selling our betting program is something I will not do. Ed and I agreed that if we were ever fortunate enough to bring this venture to fruition that we must protect this at all costs; For all the shareholders that got us here and to ensure that no one investor could be able to override all.

I sincerely hope that you can appreciate the reason for the decisions I make.

We’re closing in and truly can not wait till we roll………..

Proposition and an Update

Evening everyone,

We are almost there, literally and this alone feels extremely good to say.

Our venture will be rolling within the next few weeks. This is the reason I chose to wait until this time before reaching outside for additional investments from persons who have expressed interest for some time for 4 of our 8 and 1/2 remaining shares .

Presently I ‘m engrossed in discussions. Each interested party understands that these 4 shares are being offered for $100K per share, the amount required to fund our betting account ($200K) and to pay our developers their balance due. Since none of these potential investors have been privy to the mechanics of our venture to date there will be a lot of back and forth in order for them to reach an understanding of what we have and in lieu of this their decision to participate can take several months.

In the meantime we are well poised to roll within the next two weeks. To date we’ve paid the developers half of what we owe and they granted me credit so to speak on the balance of $165K at the request of my equi-stats partner who understands what we’re sitting on and because of their trust in him and us, they have been willing to wait.

However waiting for such a sum does not pay their bills so in order to get our betting program to the level where we can consistently win, I’ve shelled out quite a bit of my own money this month along with giving the developers 20K from the money earned from the hits that we had last month. By paying this we have everyone, the developers and the mathematician working overtime. In their most recent update they said there is quite a bit of tweaking to do as they progress and when asked for a realistic estimate as to when this will be ready they stated that we are 2 weeks away from crossing the finish line.

Because I am confident in our success, and in order to keep things moving forward I personally invested most all the money I have. Though confident we will meet the required investments to make our venture fly from these outside investors this process can still take up to 2 months for us to obtain the funds so in lieu of this and the fact that we’ll be ready to roll within the next few weeks, I have decided to make the following offer to all current investors for the sole purpose of raising funds now in order for me to be able to make bets for us as soon as the programs ready.

And because I believe in our success I will guarantee in writing that Zen will double any investment made now within 6 months of going live, meaning the 6 month count begins as soon as the awaited algorithms and validations are in which will begin the day test bets end.

Because such investments would afford us to start our venture sooner than 2 months from now, the investment would have to be by cash or check (no credit cards) and in hand and clearing the bank within the next four weeks. No extensions offered, meaning two months from now this offer is no offer anymore and presented now for the sole purpose of raising money to make our bets.

In other words should you invest $1,000 , Zen would guarantee in writing $2,000 back within 6 months of going live. Invest $5,000 and Zen will guarantee $10K back. Invest $25 and Zen will guarantee $50K back and so on.

To be clear, this investment is not for obtaining shares and purely for working capital so I can make our bets. It is very possible that raising capital this way now will suffice and we won’t even have to open any of the remaining shares because with enough money in hand we can win enough to roll….

The offer to double this investment is exclusive to current shareholders. Would appreciate anyone with interest letting me know via email that you decide to participate.

Where we are Now

Now that I have assistance I am free to accomplish the rest of the things that remain to be done in order to get our venture rolling………. full speed ahead, out of test bets, and making money for us all.

My First order of business is to raise the money for our betting pool through the 8 and 1/2 investment shares that I’ve purposely held back. We require a betting bank of $200K, plus $30 to $40K to cover for the next two months operating expense And $165K to pay the long time money due the developers of which I’ve managed to keep to the $165K existing balance due them prior to August by using the big money we won from the Superfecta, Pick 5 and Pick 6 wins to take care of August’s $15+K operating expense.

Though in itself a great accomplishment, especially by being able to pay a full months worth of bills from our first few weeks out, doing so has put me back into the position of using my own money for our test bets and quite frankly this is Not where I want us to be. So now that I have competent, reliable and able assistance I began negotiations towards accomplishing this.

From the beginning our venture took vision, Ed’s vision and an understanding of what we were building and a knowing that once here that we’d have potential investors getting in touch with us instead of the other way around. And I’m happy to share that this is so and even began before we were this far along.

At present I am in discussions with several potential investors, all of which are financial Whales, and I expect this may take a few months to unfold as we continue to integrate the mathematicians validations and remain in test bet mode and at this time I am not exact on the amount number I am going to open these investments shares for. However my goal is to raise this money through opening 4 out of the 8 and 1/2 left, leaving us a reserve.

Even though I am confident this will happen, of the upmost importance factors to me is that any new investors that I let in, must fit. We’re sitting on a rocket ship that is launching into the limitless sky that in just a few short weeks will have all of us in awe and anyone who has the option to enter now, must be of the same mold. To date we have the good fortune of 30+ shareholders that share and have shared the same vision, the same positive outlook all possessed with good energy And this Is what got us here, to this point, And any new investor should be the same.

I’ll close with some news about our program.
We’re loading this up as we speak, already implemented race day changes including change of surface and surface condition and jockey switches and over the next few days and into next week we will start to see the wins pop which will save an enormous amount of time from what it currently takes to cull through the races for a potential bet.

And since the successful formula for the bulk of our bets is they should be 70 to 75% bet on win, place and/or show, I plan to wait till the ratings are popping rather than where they are now, trying to figure out who is going to win from the top 3 and instead select sporadic exotic wagers like superfectas, and exactas like I initially successfully did at first with the test bets. Though it is through test bets that I came to realize this because at best it was break even with several more days a loss.

If any of the exotic wagers we bet hit big I will certainly let you know 🙂


Afternoon. As mentioned I’m in the process of getting my assistance set so I am able to devote my full attention into what we have so when I have bet it’s mostly been through culling each card and test betting win, place and show because these will be 70 to 75% of our wagers. Nothing stellar to report just yet. Been holding our own and plan to wait till additional algorithms are in so I’m not having to choose so much between the top 3 program selections.
Today I’ve taken a stab at a few exotics and one of these being a Pick 6 at Gulfstream. Here’s what we have:

$0.20 PK6 on 1,3,7/4,5,7,10/8/1,3-6,8,9/3,6,8,11/1,4,5 $201.60

Where We Are and …….

To date I’ve been pretty much running our entire venture alone which is the precise reason for the space between updates. However, now that we’ve arrived at this juncture where I am actually making our test bets, it’s imperative for me to have time to delve into what we built and continue to refine. So at present I am taking the necessary steps to ensure this is accomplished and to do so requires me to temporarily switch gears. Though I plan to continue to test bet Thursday through Sunday.

Recently we’ve had the good fortune to enlist the help of two very qualified assistants; one whose primary role is to maintain our daily updates and the other is a personal assistant to me who will aid in keeping all shareholders informed and in addition will take care of other necessaries in order for me to be able to explore this rocket ship that we built.

And what do we have now and what can we expect?
Well we have enough algorithms to identify potential bets, with additional ones being added to our arsenal weekly which will continue for some time, so at present, and until the bulk of these mathematical validations are incorporated in, the task to identify potential plays continues to be a laborious.

Since test betting involves regular feedback to the developers and our mathematician in order for them to make adjustments and tweak, I find this manageable by targeting specific tracks that I personally prefer to bet and being able to bet them regularly will allow me to gauge the amount of time we’ll be in test mode. This will happen once my assistants are regularly handling all the other tasks. My estimate is this will take about two weeks for things to run smooth and then I will be giving my full attention to our test bets.

In other words you won’t be hearing much from me until my assistants are set and in full motion unless of course we have another sizeable hit. We’re not doing too bad so far 🙂

Let em roll at the quarter pole


Just letting you know that I bet the following Pick 6 Wager for us today:

$0.20 PK6 3, 7, 8, 10/4, 7, 9, 10/2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9/1, 3/4, 6, 8, 10/12 $153.60
$0.20 PK6 3, 7, 8, 10/4, 7, 9, 10/2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9/4, 6, 7/4, 6, 8, 10/12 $230.40
$0.20 PK6 3, 7, 8, 10/4, 7, 9, 10/2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9/1, 3, 4, 6, 7/3, 5, 9/12 $288.00
$0.20 PK6 3,7,8,10/4,7,9/2,4-7,9/1,3/4,10/1,4 $115.20
$0.20 PK6 3,7,8,10/4,7,9/2,4-7,9/4,6,7/4,8,10/1,4 $259.20
$0.20 PK6 3,7,8,10/10/2,4-7,9/1,3,6/3-6,8,10/1,4 $172.80