The Superfecta Bet and Key Horses for Win-Place-Show

Ed kept records of his 4 + 30 (4 wins or more plus a 30% win rate or higher) and Automatic (10 wins or more plus a 50% win rate or higher) statistics finishing positions and this information gave evidence of his stats showing they were in the money, win, place and show on average of 55 to 60% of the time.

This is the reason Ed and I were able to successfully bet Superfectas. Through the use of these statistics Ed became a master at Win Betting and through the stability that Ed’s win rate offered, I was afforded the luxury of exploring how to bet exotics wagers and became an expert at deciphering and constructing these bets.

Once the program includes the algorithms we’re anticipating, the daily potential bet list will publish winners with an upwards of 70% accuracy and when we are rolling, our wagers will predominately be on win, place, and or show (70 to 75%) because that will be our stability, our foundation, with the remainder on exotic bets that at this juncture I’m anticipating will consist mostly of Exactas and Daily Doubles and occasionally when the stats scream to do so we’ll bet other exotics such as serial wagers like pick 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s, trifectas, superfectas, and E5s.

Thanks to a very good friend and one of our stockholders we are able to share this Superfecta Video right side up instead of upside down 🙂 and since we have two more videos that I’d like to share with you right side up as well; one about Ed’s Automatic Bets and the other about the way I select exotic wagers, he’s agreed to right side up these too. Here’s the link to the Superfecta:

I’m also happy to share that the most important process to our success is now in motion since the rest of the data the mathematician required to continue with the validation has been delivered. Yeah!

Though this is the one area that I have no idea how to explain, Ed repeatedly stated as we were logging all the necessary items for the developers to write algorithms for that the mathematicians validation is crucial to our success and to the program producing at least 70% accuracy in the ratings. And he equally stressed that the time it takes for the validation is essential in order for us to achieve this success. That said, the mathematician is going to get with me early next week to give me an approximate time line and from here we’ll add another week to 10 days for the developers to do what they need to do for the integration and then we’ll be ready to roll. So what this means is we’ve passed the final turn and are closing down the stretch and just need to apply a little more patience before we cross the finish line as the winner and in the scope of things we’re closing fast.

In the meantime while we patiently wait, I’ll covert the rest of the videos and let you know when these are ready to view.

Belmont Bets

Happy Belmont Day Everyone.

You’re welcome to make your own wager on these bets that I’m making for Zen today. Good Luck Everyone and Safe Rides for all.

Belmont Park Race 2

$0.50 SPR on 4,6/9/1,2,4-10/1,2,4-10 $42
$0.50 SPR on 4,6/1,2,4-10/9/1,2,4-10 $42
$0.50 SPR on 4,6/1,2,4-10/1,2,4-10/9 $42
$0.20 SPR on 1,2,4-10/4,6/9/1,2,4-10 $16.80
$0.20 SPR on 1,2,4-10/4,6/1,2,4-10/9 $16.80
$0.20 SPR on 9/4,6/1,2,4-10/1,2,4-10 $16.80

Belmont Park Race 4
$0.20 SPR on 2,3/1-9/1,4/1-9 $33.60
$0.20 SPR on 2,3/1-9/1-9/1,4 $33.60
$0.20 SPR on 1-9/2,3/1-9/1,4 $33.60
$0.20 SPR on 1-9/2,3/1,4/1-9 $33.60
$0.50 PK4 on 1-9/1,2,4-6/6/3-7 $112.50

Belmont Park Race 6

$0.50 SPR on 6/1,12/1,2,4-6,8,10-12/1,2,4-6,8,10-12 $42
$0.20 SPR on 6/1,2,4-6,8,10-12/1,10,12/1,2,4-6,8,10-12 $25.20
$0.20 SPR on 6/1,2,4-6,8,10-12/1,2,4-6,8,10-12/1,10,12 $25.20
$0.20 SPR on 1,2,4-6,8,10-12/6/1,2,4-6,8,10-12/1,10,12 $25.20
$0.20 SPR on 1,2,4-6,8,10-12/6/1,10,12/1,2,4-6,8,10-12 $25.20

Belmont Park Race 8

$0.10 SPR on 4,8,10/4,8,10/1,3-10,12/1,3-10,12 $33.60
$0.10 SPR on 4,8,10/1,3-10,12/3,8,10/1,3-10,12 $39.20
$0.10 SPR on 4,8,10/1,3-10,12/1,3-10,12/1,3 $33.60
$0.10 SPR on 1,3-10,12/4,8,10/3,8,10/1,3-10,12 $39.20
$0.10 SPR on 1,3-10,12/1,4,8,10/1,3-10,12/1,3 $39.20

$0.50 PK4 on 4,5,8,10/1-6/4,9,10/2,4,7,8 $144

Stop That!

I never met Ed’s mother though heard a great deal about her through the years. Let’s say she wasn’t blessed with a pleasant disposition and with one that included a very loud raspy voice. So raspy that his friends would call him on the phone just to hear her speak so they could laugh because they initially believed they were talking to his Dad instead of his Mother.

Alice, Ed’s mother, encompassed a personality with many unique traits. Such as yelling for everyone to wake up in the morning from in the middle of the living room floor. Or shouting “Don’t tell me what to do!” when her husband asked her to put some cheese on his slice of apple pie. Though the best one of all was when she screamed “Stop That!” whenever you were doing something she didn’t want you to do. So throughout our live together we used to tease back and forth whenever Ed would ask me for something or visa versa we’d say in as raspy a voice as possible “Don’t tell me what to do!” and we’d laugh. Then whenever we made and missed several bets in a day we’d yell “Stop That!” and we’d laugh again.

Sooo when we hit 5 out of 6 AGAIN in our pick 6 bet, I could hear him plain as day in a resounding voice saying to me “Stop That!” 🙂

Which is what I plan to do as soon as the remainder of the algorithms are in.

We undoubtedly did lose some time in the program building progress when my attention was abruptly diverted to handling the breach. Though I’m inclined to say that we’re not far off from where we left off and right now am waiting for an update from the developers before letting everyone know. When I hear back I’ll let you know and at the same time will continue to discuss everything on our blog.

I do have fun news to share. I found some of our old DVDs and VHS tapes that we produced in 2005 and 2006 on how we decipher our bets. Though not the best quality production wise they are clear enough to see and these include Ed’s “Automatic Bets”, my “Exotic Wagering Strategies” and the one we made together called “The Superfecta Wager” and today I ordered a tool that will convert these to an mp player. Upon success I plan to upload these so we can share them with you. They detail how we bet as well as what we look for to analyze potential bets and supply real insight to Ed and to me. So when we’re Letting em roll at the quarter pole you’ll have a thorough understanding of what we bet and why.

Will be in touch soon.

Preakness Pick 6

Happy Preakness Day! I bet us a pick 6:

Pimlico Race 8

$0.20 PK6 on 3/8/1-13/2-4,6-8/3,5-7/1,10 $124.80

$0.20 PK6 on 8/1,2,4-8/1-13/8/3,5-7/1,10 $145.60

$0.20 PK6 on 1,4-7/8/1-13/8/3,5-7/1,10 $104.00

$0.20 PK6 on 1,4-7/8/1-13/2,3,5-7/1/1,10 $130

$0.20 PK6 on 8/2,4-6,8/1-13/2,3,5-8/1/1,10 $156

Good Luck to everyone today!

Pimlico Friday and Saturday

Pimlico Friday Potential Bet Summary

Pimlico Potential Bet Summary for Friday 5/14/21

Pimlico Potential Bet Summary for Preakness Day

Pimlico Preakness Day Potential Bet Summary All

The 5 is Alive

If Guinness book of World Records had a count on who hit 5 out of 6 in the Pick 6 the most times in history we’d be the record with 5 out of 6 on the last 5 pick 6 bets made to date for Zen Racing.

Now Imagine what it will be like when the remainder of the algorithms are in 🙂

We’ll top Guinness record book again for 6 out of 6.

And a little smile for all the stockholders who go way back with Ed and me, particularly when we sold Ed’s Layoffs and Claims stats in book form. This was my in box Derby Day:

Susan’s inbox Derby Day

This week I’ll resume the duty of protecting our investment before returning to the investment we are protecting and by Tuesday most new passwords that we know were received will be in place. You’ll know when because the login rejects the previous one.

Here’s a link to a YouTube Channel that features author Mark Cramer, an excellent handicapper and one that Ed and I respect. The sound is not as good as he would have liked but it’s their “Debut race” and clear enough to enjoy. He’s considering hosting a similar channel so if you enjoy feel free to share this link with fellow handicappers.

Our Kentucky Derby Pick 6 Bets

Happy Derby Day! Here’s our wagers. Wish us Luck!

Churchill Downs 7  0.20 P6 
3, 4 / 3, 4, 9 / 14 / 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 13 / 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20            $820.80

Churchill Downs 7 0.20 P6  
3, 4 / 3, 4, 9 / 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13 / 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 13 / 9 / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20            $820.80

No Sharing Our Info

It’s unfortunate that I have to post this but due to some recent activity and because we’re at the point where our betting program will be producing a majority of winners, and our security software tracks All IPs and their locations and each device’s mac address, And this security software has identified several times different addresses logging in,
it has become necessary to clearly define what actions will release an investor indefinitely from our venture in order to protect the rest of us and All we have invested.

1). No investor can share or sell ANY of the information provided from our betting program whether seen published on this site Or in print form, verbally, electronically or otherwise.

2). No Investor can share or provide their login credentials to anyone for any reason, verbally, electronically or otherwise.

3). No Investor can share or sell ANY proprietary information that we shared on our website about the algorithms we’ve included in our betting program, photos, videos, screen shots, any of it verbally, electronically or otherwise.

Breach of this and even suspected breach until we can confirm otherwise will automatically release this investor from our venture and they will no longer have access to any part of this venture, ever again.


To protect our copyrights and proprietary information we have changed the settings on the Non-Disclosure Agreement to agree to regularly rather than agreeing to once even though agreeing once binds each investor continuously.

The security software as well as all parties and me that monitor usage understand that most of us own several devices that will access this pertinent information and takes this into account. So no need to worry if you have more than two devices because this is recognized and of course you won’t be oust. However, the security we have in place is similar to the security banks use so when it does detect a breach, we will deactivate and then terminate this individual account without notification.

And to be clear It Is fine for each investor to personally bet anything that they want from the information we provide though I’d like to ask that should I post a Rainbow Pick 6 play before the first leg is run for everyone not to duplicate the bet only because to hit the big payout it only happens when one ticket hits. It’s fine if any investor wants to bet a Pick 5 or 4 off of the posted Rainbow pick 6 wager, just not a duplicate bet of our rainbow pick 6.

BTW I was really happy to hear that two of you hit serial wagers off of the pick 6s we displayed. Want everyone who is an investor to reap all the benefits available to you from your much appreciated investment because without you we wouldn’t be here at all. Just keep it for yourself.