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This Post is ALL about Business:

I’m including various reports that I’ll be discussing and the link to the recent Bill Benter video that I would like to ask you to once again view prior to reading through the business attachments because we’ll be discussing various similarities and reviewing the video will assist in putting things into perspective: 

Watch The Billion Dollar Gambler Whose Algorithm Conquered Horse Racing – Bloomberg

The first similarity is the approach to our venture as a Business, one built from ground up and could not have been accomplished without someone like Ed’s or Benter’s understanding of statistics and how they can be applied to consistently win betting on the horses. Followed by a vision, a maintained daily current clean database, access to specialized software developers who would patiently wait to be paid (purely because my business partner asked them to) though realistically in order to do so patience still requires sending regular money to keep things moving which often has come out of personal pocket, (Benter’s a programmer, Ed was not) a mathematician, and money! Lots of it. Raised through investments.

Benter’s insight came from betting cards, where Ed’s came from a life of tracking statistics, betting them and most important, accepting the things that he needed to change.  Without the willingness to change when the statistics noted to do so, Ed would not have reached the point where he consistently won.

The Benter video states that he lost $150,000 their first year because the tweaking can only be done by analysis of bets and he came to the understanding that in order to beat the “Take” which is the race tracks percentages of all money bet that Benter’s team had to profit on average 20% of their overall bets and this became Benter’s goal in Year 2.

When I heard this, I filled up with excitement because from keeping records I already knew we were profiting on average 20% from our overall bets! And not only have we reached this milestone, I am able to show you how I know that we already have by showing the attached Zen’s Win-Loss Report for the Zen Racing bets made from December 2021 when both Benter’s and Ed’s algorithms were integrated in once we received additional investments of $75K in November that I personally guaranteed to double back so we could get the program ready to use and then bet. Though starting with a much less betting balance than the 200K eventually needed once I was comfortable with using the program where we consistently would win, the $40,000 betting bank roll not only got us to this point, the winnings afforded us some money to pay towards the ever growing monthly operating costs and told me that now we’re ready to roll and we’ve arrived to the point where Zen Racing should be properly funded so I’ve opened the only 4 and 1/2 remaining shares to investors at the buy of $100K per share, non negotiable.

I add the non negotiable because not every potential investor fits into our mold and often times when people have money they believe they have more to offer than what they’re investing in which in our case Is Not at all the case.  We’ve built something that already has received several offers of purchase for quite a lot of money and there is absolutely no way Zen will ever sell or give access to our betting program to any one investor and since we’ve reached the point where I understand and know how to bet with what we have and consistently win.  In other words, once a potential investors reads through what we have and sees how I know that we’re on the cusp of success, they have this one last opportunity to opt in because once filled no additional shares will ever be offered. Though things take time to unfold, as with any ground up project, one of the things I maintain the most patience in is for investments because the success we reap IS for Everyone who is and has been part of what we’ve put together from the start and Not for any One person who thinks they should have access for personal benefit.

I see things like this; Everyone who invested early, getting in on the ground floor for $6K per share in order for our venture to take off, then discovering later was way lower than what we actually needed but got things in motion which was perfect 🙂 could very possibly end up feeling that this is the best investment they ever made because we began winning on average a 20% return on our investment and didn’t have to wait until year 2.

The 4 and 1/2 shares will fund Zen’s $200K betting bank, pay the developers up to even, a present balance of $247K as shown here in Zen’s Operating Costs – Betting Pool sheet and get us on track to cover the Zen’s monthly overhead through our bets. Since we will immediately profit upon receipt of this investment, we’ll begin paying dividends and because we’ve arrived at the point that I’ve been waiting for, where I can confidently bet, I’m ready to get the word out about these 4 and 1/2 remaining shares so I’d like to say that it’s OK with me for you to let anyone you know that may have interest about them and you’re welcome to show them the Zen Win/Loss and Operating Costs sheets that are also included in the email sent notifying you of this post.

In closing I have to share another milestone that we reached on Sunday 2/6 when I made our very first $1,000 win/place bet at Gulfstream in Race 10:

Click on Photo to enlarge

I think we changed the odds when we made this bet cause I was so nervous with this being the very first $1,000 bet I ever made. I was thinking about the bet all night, hoping they wouldn’t scratch and going over it again and again in my mind, the jockey/trainer was 5 wins for 5, the first after a layoff was a 4 + 30 which was so powerful because this stat is specific to this track at this class level, at this distance and on today’s surface and the clincher for me was the Trainer was also the owner so I made the bet really early, way before the races even began.

How I wished Ed were here cause this would have been a no issue for him as he was the Win bettor in our family. I don’t get nervous when going after exotics because I know when I’m making one it’s usually big odds and I’m covering the bet in all slots. Win betting is so cut and dry which is why I have to do win/place. And in order to make a bet of this size I had to believe that this horse was going to absolutely win and if we experienced a little bad luck that this horse would absolutely come in second so this required each bet to be equal amounts. In addition if all went south I also knew that we had to be positioned to accept the loss.

The result, the horse placed and we lost $600 on the win/place bet but I also bet us $20 Exacta wheel and we hit that. Though at this point in time a $1,000 win/place will be rare but the great news is that the decision to make the bet was correct and I knew that given the same stats on another day that I’d absolutely make this bet again, only I’d wait till a few minutes to post 🙂


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