Who am I — Who is Susan Sweeney Bain and Where are we Headed?

Long story as short as possible. I never bet on a horse race before Ed, ever. I may have accompanied several to a race track for an evening out yet I did not find myself at a window calling out a bet and when I finally did, it was Only after writing down word for word what Ed said when calling out his bets. This was because I was absolutely petrified that I’d make a mistake and Not that a mistake is something I couldn’t accept, it would be shocking if I meant to wager $6 and when I called out the bet incorrectly they said the actual cost was $180……. LOL But really this was my fear.

Fast forward 30 years of which three I did not bet. I observed a master at work and I can say this cause I witnessed the masters work, work 🙂

So after 3 years of accompanying him to the track and mostly loving the fact that we were outside surrounded by beautiful beings (horses) and very very unique people that Ed and I could fill a book with, I said to Ed that I wanted to bet.

Which brings me to today and what I wish to share.

First anyone who has read my autobiography Signers knows that the very first words Ed said to me when I shared with him that I too wanted to wager was that it was absolutely necessary for me to bet with my own money. My earned money because as like all of us know, making money, enough money so we can live comfortably is all any of us strives for so this is something most of us would not put at risk. I am included in most of us 🙂

Ed was a flat out win bettor. I found this impossible, agonizing and Not anything I would Ever want anything to do with.

Yet my role in our wonderful 30 years together and I do not say this lightly as Ed was truly my soul. His presence in my life essentially ruined me for anyone else which I like. I’m basically his forever and am just fulfilling our lives purpose. Yet his win bets were so cut and dry and would like all to remember that I witnessed his success unfold before my eyes which contrary to what some people believe took years and years to develop. I did Not personally like the way Ed bet at all. I found it stressful but after I jumped in I was studious to the umpth degree because I was truly learning from the master However several years later after witnessing his top selections coming in the money on average 60% of the time, around 18 to 20% winning, and almost always at high returns I figured there just had to be a way to capitalize on this and Not betting Place or Show…………..

The reason I bring all this up is I am Not equipped with the ability to bet like Ed. Far removed, however, I am an excellent exotic bettor with my specialty within races when we have a stat that I perceive will be in the money at least 60% of the time with a morning line of at least 9/2. And anyone who has been around us for some time knows that I kill this. Even Ed knew and relied on me to fill out tickets especially when he was considering betting an exacta or a tri.

So my dilema came in cause Ed and me understood Bill Benter’s winning formula is he bet 70 to 75% of his wagers on win, place and or show. Now granted this was when he reached a plateau that we’ve yet to accomplish which takes money though when he made this statement he was already producing 70% winners, where we are between 30 to 40%. Though substantial we still have a way to go but this won’t happen until we’re properly funded.

I guess the best way to look at what we have is we’re about 30% of where we’re going to be. Though that does Not mean we can’t make things work now. And considering the funding options are not currently present to the point of my acceptance, this is pretty dam good.

Yet please know me. Who I am. I am responsible for 36 shareholders of which I actually count as 72 because each persons significant other matters so I take this responsibility very serious.

That said, it was Not until Today that the light bulb went off. I finally realized after we reached this point of my betting for us that I just can not bet strictly win, place and/or show. This is so foreign to me but I am a well established, high percentage of wins exotic bettor and I am certain I can make us money this way only I must maintain this to an as race per basis.

Meaning serial wagers will kill our bank roll (though not completely out as we will bet them) however superfectas and trifectas won’t. So today this is where I concentrated my full effort. This does not mean that I didn’t place win/place and or show wagers But what this means is I went after the score and for the first time I felt at home. Though we basically broke even today I saw the light. Before it was a huge step to see betting $50 to show on a horse would change any of our lives. Yet if my key horse is at least 9/2 I can bet this horse in all slots and make us a profit.

Soooo….. this update is to let you know that Today is a Huge Day. Everything has come into focus. I’ve got this figured out. I’ve got us Covered. From this day forward I have absolutely no doubt that we’re going to fly….

What I need and this is mostly because I wear so many hats is time to just bet for us without having to explain anything. Not that I don’t want everyone to know what is going on. It’s purely that being in the position to share my every move doesn’t give me this freedom. Even though I wish to share all, and will, it’s best that I am not having to fill in each day details.

After all whenever anyone trades stocks in the market how often do they have regular personal communication with the person who set up the venture.

That said, we of course will post our wagers, the potential bets for the previous days and the results so all is transparent and everyone can follow along.

We’re here! We reached the point of reaping benefits. Now my primary focus is to keep us rolling. This does not escape me. I completely understand that this is All up to me…. and I plan to perform.

Next Post: 30 to 40% win rate still equates to a 60 to 70% loss rate. Yet we Are using the program and maintaining a profit.

Let’s Roll ……

OK…. 🙂

We begin with a 15K betting pool which is what we currently have in hand. There are several other commitments that would bring us to $17,500 though best to wait to count this towards our pool balance once funds are in.

It’s time to get into the details; What we have. How we’ll invest, along with the basis surrounding these decisions as well as what to expect as we move along. Since there is much to share and I will be investing for us this week, I plan to write this in a series.

Beginning with what we have

Like all Apps our program evolves as we deploy versions. Where substantial improvements to the user interface and the percentages of winners and in the money increase with each release.

It is important to keep in mind that our program has been built for one person to use, cull through, set aside potentials, update throughout the day to include race day changes; scratches, jockey switches and surface conditions which almost always amends the Standout list. And because my decisions on what we may bet are decided the evening before, I pay close attention to these changes the day of before making any decision final. Yet it is imperative for me to keep tabs on these wagers prior to each race because the odds can still determine a pass which is why you will see money in the cancel credit column.

The program publishes a top selection for every race run from the algorithms in place, and these are in the money on average 60% of the time. Yet our module was specifically designed to notify us of races where one runner within each race has at least a 10 point advantage over the next runner in that race, or what we refer to as “Standouts” (used to refer to as the Potential Bets). It’s this list that has consistently produced winners on average between 30 and 40% and an in the money hit rate of 72.5%. And this is not only fantastic, it’s amazing and the reason why I know we can win. This also explains why this list can change after scratches because a horse that had an advantage may not have one anymore or a horse that did not have one, now does. Jockey Switches are another variable that’s at play as each trainer does have go-to jocks and this is a built in algorithm, even more refined that the Jockey-Trainer reports we used to produce so when I’m betting and working towards making us money I have to be on top of this pretty much all day.

The interface has Not been designed to print anything. We are able to export results, though currently only for the top selection and not for every runner in each race once the database has been updated and these reports are used to monitor how the module is performing so we know precisely what adjustments we need to make. Even though we are able to use the program now, because this is a work in progress it is not uncommon for something to not function properly every once in awhile, albeit nothing major. Occasionally we’ve had the same runner show up multiple times in the field in a race and noticed this occurred after running the days update. Its understood that making adjustments will continue until we reach our intended goal of producing 70 to 75% winners (not in the money). These reports provide data similar to the records Ed kept when he was manually compiling his statistics and tracking his bets. It is from these exported reports that we are able to publish the results from the Standouts each day on the website.

And we are able to export several full cards to a spreadsheet which again isn’t made ready for viewing so they require clean up which is a task performed by one of our assistants in order to share the full cards for tracks like Saratoga and Del Mar.

As previously mentioned in quite a few blog posts that in order for our venture to work only one person who is making our bets can have regular access to the daily list of Standouts for the sole purpose of making wagers for Zen. Giving access to all would defeat our intended purpose and the reason we built this which is for all Zen shareholders to profit and not one alone.

That said, something Ed and I discussed for when we reached this point of my betting for Zen, is we both would like to provide all shareholders with some gems which is the reason why we kept this export option in when we deployed Version 2. Beginning next week, after Del Mar closes we will post a full card each day for a full week and in order to please all palates we will alternate between the high profile tracks.

Soon we will have Jockey-Trainer reports for you, similar to the pdf I found for New York that Ed compiled from 2018 that we shared in a recent email. This does however require some manual compiling so this will also take a little bit of time though we are in the process of readying things for this now and after we finish setting things on the site in order for all to follow our progress we’ll resume.

I started to bet for us today. The winning formula requires 70 to 75% of our wagers be on Win, Place, and or Show and 20 to 25% on exotics. Currently the program’s top selection is in the money 72.5% of the time however the selections for the remainder of the field is very hit and miss. Because of this, it’s imperative to our bottom line that I limit the exotic wagers and have successfully done so on paper betting doubles and exactas though most time when doing so these bets include all. I’m attaching today’s bets here.

I’ve been working on this blog post between today’s wagers in order to share with you how I am going to bet and at the point of saving these wagers there were several that had yet to run. I also planned to watch the odds on one of these races because the morning line was low however missed doing so. Mentioning because under normal circumstances if bet too low I would pass. However up until this point we were fairly even for the day.

I do plan on looking at races every day. In order for me to be all I can be for all of us which means being able to monitor the races as they happen each day and also figure out the potentials the night before I basically have to become a hermit. And as a one man show, who is the only person at present that can access the casino’s betting site, I am also the one who downloads the spreadsheets of our wagers. And especially now as all this is new and I’m establishing a routine it would be challenging to have to post our wagering reports daily so during this “beginning phase” I will post our wagers made once a week or if able more often so everyone can follow our progress and watch our betting pool grow! 🙂

And we plan to share videos of what we have and between things I plan to continue to update everyone on the blog.

So……… all this is Great News! We made it. We’re Here! As of this week we’re officially in business. Now it’s up to me to make us some money and this is what I plan to do!

Let em roll at the quarter pole!
Thank You Partners. We couldn’t have gotten here without You.

Version 2 – 1 Month Review

We really have something here and rather than send emails daily about the progress which I have been so tempted to do, I thought the best way to show you what we’ve accomplished is by letting the results speak for themselves.

Download Version 2 Standout Results from 6/20/22 through 7/19/22

We deployed Version 2 on June 20, 2022 and keep track of the results daily and since day one through yesterday, there were 1,466 Standouts, 497 Won for a 33.90% on average win rate, 368 Placed for a 25.10% on average place rate, and 210 Showed for a 14.32% on average show rate and an on average in the money hit rate of 73.32%!

There were 3 races that did not offer place wagers and 64 that did not offer wagers for show. Had we bet $2 across the board on all the Standouts we would have invested $8,656.00 and got back $9,026.42 for a $370.42 profit before adding the 5% on average cash reward for WPS which would add $432.80 to our bottom line or a total profit of $803.22 for $2 bet.

In order to show the value, betting $20 across would net a profit of $8,032.20, and a more realistic amount would be our betting $200 across which would net $80,322.00 profit, on our debut month.

What would this mean to you

Assuming we begin with our slate clean where we no longer owe the developers the $300K for work already completed which would have been a lot more had I not invested everything that I personally have in order to complete and deploy version 2, this $80K is profit after replenishing our betting bank of $200K, though does not include covering the $30,000 monthly operating costs so we’d share $50,322.00 in dividends, or $503.22 per share for one month.

Understand this example is being used to simplify things in order to explain what we can expect as most likely we would not make all these bets due to odds. Realistically we could not bet $200 across on a Standout at a track like Charles Town without depleting the value of the bet, though we could bet more than this at a track like Saratoga or Del Mar so the $200 base is an on average amount we’d wager.

In addition these payouts do not include any exotic wagers like exactas or daily doubles which we would also bet sparingly at first. Exotics generally reap larger payouts as well as cash rewards, however, the proven winning formula to our success, imperative we adhere to especially at this stage, is 70 to 75% of our wagers should always be on win, place and or show and 20 to 25% of our bets placed on exotics.

With these lucrative results it may be difficult to believe that we have a ways to go in order to reach our goal of an on average win percentage of 70%, which I am confident we will obtain as long as we can keep the developing going.

The great news is we have reached the point where we can be consistently profitable so things will only get better as we deploy future versions.

And yes, if you haven’t noticed, I am chomping at the bit to resume making our bets and am doing my absolute best to patiently wait for funding. The carrots dangling and soon we’ll be in reach. This must be what the horses feel like after spending 24/7 in their stall just waiting to bust loose on the track… Gives me a new appreciation of their perspective.

Lightning Strikes Twice – Version 2 Does it Again!

I have incredible news….

Just yesterday I shared with you that we began tracking All the programs top selections, in addition to the Potential Bet Standouts that the program identifies in order to monitor how Version 2 is performing when this amazing result happened again. We actually produced a flat bet profit if we bet the programs top selection in every single race on July 3rd and July 4th!

Yesterday there were 159 races with 10 races not offering a payout for show; 56 won for a 35% win rate, 29 placed for and 18.23% place rate, and 22 showed for a 13.84% show rate and an overall in the money hit rate of 67.29%. Bet $2 across on all 159 (minus the 10 no show payout) we would have invested $934 and received a payout of $957 for an overall profit of $23 had we bet the programs top selection in every single race! This is nothing short of amazing! To download the PDF with the full results for the last two days click here

A note about yesterday’s Potential Bet Standout list that differed from 7/3s Potential Standouts is 7/4s produced a slight loss. There were 52 potential bet standouts with 2 races not offering a payout for show. Had we bet $2 across we would have invested $308 and received back $305.90 for a loss of $2.10. 22 won for a 42% win rate, 10 placed for a 19.2% place rate and 8 showed for a 15.4% show rate and an overall in the money hit rate of 76.9%.

It’s important to note that the Potential Bet Standout list does change, sometimes several times during the day of the races. This is due to variables such as scratches, jockey switches, track conditions excreta so our developers included a feature for me to be able to update the report throughout race day. I make note of this because access to these changes is imperative to making our investment decisions.

There will be races that are no longer on the list and ones that were added. This is due to the ratings because in order to make the potential bet standout list there has to be at least a 10 point higher spread in a rating in the order of runners from the next runners rating. In other words if the programs first selection has a rating of a 90 and the next runner has an 80, then the 90 rated horse makes the list. So if there are scratches or jockey switches these changes can impact the ratings. Say a horse that made this list has a rating of 90 and this runner is scratched and leaves the highest rated horse an 80 and then the next best runner is the same race is 70 or less, then the 80 rated horse would replace the scratched 90 high rated horse on the standout list. However if the 80 rated horse remained and the next best rating was 71, then no runner from that race would replace the scratched runner because of a 9 point difference, not 10.

In addition, there are tracks that I initially would Not bet so we do not include these in the day list that my assistants prepare for me yet we still monitor their results. As an example HST, ASD, Canadian tracks or LA Los Alamitos (not LRC which is all T-breds) so any track that runs a mixture of quarter horse races on the same card as some T-breds.

Because I received a note from one of the shareholders that he did not receive yesterday’s email about reaching this milestone, I’m including that message below. Don’t want one person missing out on our progress.

Been tracking the Standout Potential Bet results of Version 2, a total of 15 days, and so far we have had only 3 days where we lost money if we bet all, one day we broke even (made .10 cents) though on this day the standouts were in the money 85%, with the remaining 11 days profitable that all combined summed positive and we have maintained an on average 72.5% in the money! 

This is an amazing accomplishment and just when you think the news couldn’t get any better, yesterday I decided to track all the program’s top selections for all races at all race tracks running in our database, meaning not just the “Standout Potential Bets” but each full race cards top picks and there were 153 races with 12 not offering a payout for show which if we bet $2 across the board on each, 49 won for a 32% win rate, 26 placed for a 16.9% place rate and 22 showed for a 14.3% show rate and an overall in the money hit rate of 63.33% we would have invested $894 and got back $953.70 for a total profit of $59.70 if we bet every single race’s top pick!  This is almost unbelievable and a most welcome surprise. 

The Standouts which were also profitable with 53 races at $2 across on each, 21 won for a 40% win rate, 15 placed for a 28.8% place rate and 2 showed for a 3.8% show rate and an overall in the money hit rate of 71.6%, we would have invested $318 and got back $371 for a total profit of $53.00 which shows us how great our program is already at pulling out the best potential wagers because the profit for the 53 races the program selected as the Standouts almost alone produced the full profit for the day.  $59.70 overall for 153 races, and $53.00 profit for 53 races which betting all 153 only produced $6.70 difference.  Though that doesn’t include any cash return on the investment where had we bet all 153 we would have averaged another 5% or around another $44.70 for a total overall profit of $104.40 by betting $2 across the board on all 153!

To put this in perspective, say we bet $20 across instead of $2, our overall profit would be $1,044, or $200, our overall profit for the day would be $10,440 so you can see what’s in store.

I realize this is one day and until we have more overall days tracked (which today began the first of tracking all), we’ll be able to gauge if this is on going and also the best approach however after reviewing this I couldn’t wait to share this great news!

Great News! Version 2 Woo Hoo!

On Monday 6/20/22 we deployed Version 2 and in just three days of racing have experienced major progress to our betting program with the most noticeable improvement in the daily list of Potential Bet Summary reaching on average 30 to 40% winners and an overall on average in the money of 70% and if bet $2 to win, place and show on every runner that made the list (which we will never do because of weighing odds to percentages), we prove a flat bet profit betting all!

Let’s share this fantastic news again
Before Version 2 and from the dates of 11/28 through 4/5/22 there were 5,115 Potential Bets of which 1,358 of these won for a 26.5% win rate, 2,307 placed for a 45% place rate and 2,995 showed for a 58.6% show rate, however 33 of these did not offer investments on show bets leaving 2,962 having a payout. If we had placed $2 across the board on all 5,115, we would have invested $30,690 and received back $24,968.70 for an overall loss of $5,721.30 or 18.6%.

Since June 20th when Version 2 was deployed, even with several additional adjustments pending, the program listed 123 Potential Bets of which 39 won for an on average of 31% win rate, 30 placed for an on average of 24% place rate and 18 showed for an on average of 14.6% show rate for an overall on average 70% hit rate in the money. If we bet $2.00 across on all 123 (minus 4 races that did not offer a show payout) we would have wagered $730 and received back $805 for an overall flat bet Profit of $75 if bet all! 🙂 🙂 🙂

PB BETS 6/20 through 6/22 Page 1
PB BETS 6/20 through 6/22 Page 2
PB BETS 6/20 through 6/22 Page 3
PB Bets 6/20 through 6/22 Page 4

For a pdf version of Version 2 Potential Bet Results Report
Click Here

Keep in mind that during Version 1 I was unable to completely rely on the Potential Bet list to make our bets knowing that getting these base algorithms in place was the first step and adjusting and adding algorithms in later versions that define the hierarchy of each runners rating would substantially improve in later versions, so when I placed our wagers my selections were not exclusively from this list. I did however prove us profitable by making selections from Ed’s 4-race form cycle statistics displayed to me from the runners listed below the top pick.

To define, when a runner has a positive trainer or trainer/jockey move on one of Ed’s 4-race form cycle stats of Layoffs, Claims or Debuts, that runner receives a positive point in the hierarchy of things and so on and everything is specific to track, class, distance and surface and we realized going in that we could be tweaking the numbers too much though we’d know what adjustments to make by monitoring the results which had a big impact on the adjustments made for Version 2.

The ultimate goal for the Potential Bet list, that we are confident we will obtain in increments as we add algorithms to Versions is for the program to produce a daily report of the best investment opportunities for each day reaching 70 to 75% on average wins, that hit and profit from all odds levels.

The following is a list of what was in Version 1 followed by Version 2:

Version 1 includes:

Algorithms that are and always will be Specific to: Track, Class, Distance and Surface (soon to include surface condition)

Benter’s algorithms

Ed Bain 4-race form cycle algorithms for:
Debuts races

Jockey-Trainer statistics

Hierarchy by rating of Projected runners in order of finish for each race determined by the algorithms

Standouts (Potential Bet Summary)
The standouts is a list of the module selected runners who have an overwhelming (currently set at minimum of 10 point spread) rating higher than all other runners in any particular race.

The ability to export all race results to spreadsheets for every thoroughbred track running in our database in order for us to monitor our progress and know what we should adjust.

Version 2 includes:

All within Version 1. Because as expected the results prove the settings too skewed, (a temporary ongoing occurrence through fruition) the adjustments in this version are as follows;

Change in distances
Instead of specific to each distance we are separating and grouping together 5.5 furlongs and under, 6 furlongs through and including 7 furlongs, 7.5 furlongs through and including 1 mile 1/16, and 1 mile and 1/8 and longer.

Change is Class Grouping (in place of each specific to)
Optional Claims

Dissecting how mixed age groups perform within specific categories, 2 year olds alone, 3 year olds alone, 3 and 4 year olds, 3 4 5 year olds, 3 4 5 year olds and up within same race and 5 to 6 year olds and up in the same race.

Most important Change of all
Additional emphasis added to Ed’s 4-race form cycle statistics as the results show these as a good percentage portion of the wins.

Ed’s statistics are what I chose to bet in conjunction with a very select group from the Potential Bet list when using Version 1 and are the reason I was able to prove profitable before Version 2. Though I must say that I had to handicap for hours every day to accomplish this and knowing that this would all change with an influx of capital as progressing requires an influx is the very reason I switched gears to do so. And as previously stated I’ll remain quiet on this topic until the influx of capital is in hand.

Belmont Pick 6

Happy Belmont Stakes Day. The pick 6 looks rather chalky today so I don’t want to invest a lot. Here’s our wager:

06/11 11:13 AM Belmont 6 $1.00 P6 1 / 4 / 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13 / 1, 2 / 2, 4, 9 / 1, 3, 6 $126.00

Good Luck to everyone today!

Derby Pick 6 Wagers

We also bet a Pick 4 just in case:

05/07 12:01 PM Churchill Downs 9 $0.50 P4 6, 7 /1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 / 6 / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21 $140.00

Hi everyone.

Happy Derby Day!

Just wanted to let you know our Pick 6 Wagers for the Derby:

05/07 10:55 AM Churchill Downs 7 $0.20 P6 10 / / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 / 8 / 3 $56.00

05/07 10:55 AM Churchill Downs 7 $0.20 P6 10 / 2,4,5,7 / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 / 3 / 8 / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21 $160.00

05/07 10:55 AM Churchill Downs 7 $0.20 P6 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 / 2 / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 / 3 / 8 / 6 $20.00

05/07 10:55 AM Churchill Downs 7 $0.20 P6 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 / 2, 4, 5, 7 / 6, 7 / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 / 6 / 3, 6, 10 $403.20

Best of luck,


Why the Final PB Report may Not Match the one Posted

Just want to make everyone aware of the reasons the final Potential Bet Report may not match the one posted.

The program calculates the stats showing on the Potential Bet Reports the evening before considering All races on a Fast or Firm track surface. However, once race day arrives changes such as scratches, jockey switches, surface conditions and sometimes even surface and distance changes occur when turf races are taken off the grass.

And because it’s imperative that the program matches today’s changes while making decisions for our bets, we’ve implemented a feature to the program that on race day these numbers are recalculated.

It’s necessary to re-compute the days stats during the day because the later tracks changes are not presented at the same time as the earlier ones.

Additionally there are other factors that would require another recalculation because a track like Gulfstream may start out Fast and Firm and then they have a heavy rain and races are taken off the turf or the surface is changed to “Good” or “Yielding” so because we’re investing, it’s necessary to recalculate. And when doing so, these factors Can and Do contribute to changes in the Potential Bet Report that was posted the previous day which is The Reason you’ll sometimes see different runners on these reports.

The Parlay Bet

In the late 90s Ed and I were guests of the Reno Hilton during the Preakness Stakes and while there the Casino manager wanted to share an idea with Ed that he had about Parlay Bets and how he could apply the concept of baseball parlays to racing. Enthused about conveying this idea to Ed and making sure to have his full attention he made reservations for us at their finest Italian restaurant aware of this being Ed’s and my preferred cuisine after reading about all the times we dined at our favorite restaurant Pines of Rome when we enjoyed a big day at the track.

To the manager’s disappointment, Ed wasn’t able to attend because he got food poisonings from breakfast so he was left explaining this concept to me. And even though by this time I had acquired a great deal of knowledge towards betting exotics, the only understanding I had about Parlay bets is I recalled learning after the fact of Ed making his first and only parlay bet to this date that happened to be on 7 races at Santa Anita Park, of which he made it through the first 6 and mentioned that he made the bet when the final leg opened wagering and someone joked “look some idiot just put $30,000 to show on the 6 horse” and Ed confessed. 🙂

We happened to be standing and talking with a clocker friend we met during this Santa Anita trip and he and I both said, why did you make the parlay on 7 races? Why not stop at 3 or 4? And Ed’s reply was this was the first opportunity that he had to make an actual parlay wager on racing and they offered your choice of win, place or show finishing positions. So rather than bet each race, which was actually extremely difficult for Ed to do, even while on vacation he was disciplined as he Only Ever made the specific days bets no matter where he was placing them, so this was a way he could wager on the first race and if hit, he can sit through and enjoy every leg as the day moved on. Made sense and he did admit that he really did not expect that the initial $200 wager would evolve to $30K by the last race and when reality struck, he said next time I know to limit the number of races however next time never came because Santa Anita stopped the parlays. I believe they offer them again however only on track.

Another part to this that is a must share is often times people have a misconception about me and I understand why because I love horse racing with a passion, have knowledge on whose who, who’s related to who, who gives the best mounts to who and can basically recall every big hit and who the trainers were that this same passion flows over into other sports and that is not at all the case. I absolutely know Nothing about any other sport, except maybe for what a 3 point basket is or when someone has a touch down but other than the basics, I always relied on Ed to translate and since he was absent, I found it necessary to explain once Steve the casino manager began talking.

Well…… this concept did not fall on deaf ears and I was actually able to explain this to Ed and this is how it works:

Bet X amount on your selection at any track to either win, place or show and then parlay these winnings over to any other selection at any track to either win, place or show and stop there.

Then duplicate this ticket Only add another race parlay on a selection at any track to either win, place or show and stop there.

The concept is if you make it through the first two, you cash so if you miss the 3rd leg you still make money. The sky is the limit meaning the number of races you wish to add as long as you duplicate the originals.

The Casino offered to book the bets for Ed however we would have had to live in Reno and that wasn’t an option so Ed, the most self disciplined person I ever met, began making his own Parlay bets.

Putting this into numbers will relay how difficult making these wagers yourself can be. As an example, bet $200 to win on a horse that pays $10 means, you’d manually be rolling over the $1,000 you just won into your next bet and once you have the $1,000 in hand the option to not roll over is easier than putting the full amount into the next bet. I for one could not do it and even Ed couldn’t continue so essentially the parlay bet dissipated from our options until………..

We have been granted this option through our Zen account though only on the Santa Anita and Del Mar tracks. So I am in the process of adding this wager to our routine. Starting small in order to figure out the best way, however, I view this as one of the biggest opportunities we have to date because unlike baseball parlays where you have to pick the winner, we can choose to bet win, place, and/or show and since our potential bets run 60% in the money, this could be quite lucrative. Albeit contained to these two tracks, once down, it’s a matter of size though you can see from Ed’s initial investment of $200 was worth $30K by the time he reached the 7th race.

When we first discovered on track parlay bets at Santa Anita they offered parlays between the Southern and Northern California tracks. In other words you could bet a win parlay in the first leg at Santa Anita and then choose those winning to roll over to a race at Golden Gate and go back and forth through the day. By the time Ed made his first live parlay wager this was no longer the case but it gave him an idea that he actually discussed once with a person who worked for auto tote. If pari-mutual wagering offered parlays that cross to different tracks that this would be a boom to the industry since the tracks money is made from the amount wagered.

To explain, say you make a $200 win wager at Fair Grounds and it hits for $10, then the next bet is at Gulfstream where $1,000 would then wager on their track and it hits and pays $6, then the $3,000 would roll over to the next track say Santa Anita and so on. Great idea however at the time Ed was told it would be an almost impossible option cause you’d have to coordinate such through all the various tracks. Today may be different especially if coordinated with the corporations that own multiple tracks.

We had an overall break even week last week. We bet several parlays at Santa Anita and though we bet small, it was the parlays that bought us to about even. All our wagers can be viewed at the following link: https://anyhorseplayersoutthere.com/zen-wagers-2022/

Climbing to 10,500 Feet

I found this “Pre Ed” photo of my jump masters and me from my skydiving days while transferring our VHS tapes to digital and thought it would be fun to share a part of my life that was truly amazing and how this experience has stayed with me throughout.

A lot of people perceive that when someone is involved in a sport such as this, mountain climbing, hand gliding or base jumping, that the person must have a death wish and I can say that the opposite is true.

There is nothing like being under canopy taking in all the surroundings, seeing the horizon, the square cut pastures of land and birds in flight as you sail past. An adventure I shall always cherish, not unlike the ride we’ve been on together even though we haven’t yet reached safe altitude of 10,500 feet to take the full plunge, at 20% on average return on our investments, we’re climbing fast.

While in the process of sharing about our venture in order to fill Zen’s remaining open shares to properly fund our betting bank, I’ve decided to take this time to not only explore, but also to build into making larger bets.

As previously mentioned Ed was the “Win” bettor in our family, and this income stability afforded me the opportunity to figure out how to successfully wager exotics. Though since Zen’s stability rides on a similar foundation of 70 to 75% of our wagers should be placed on win, place, show and daily doubles, I have to work on switching mindset to not only make more of these types of wagers, I have to bet big, and honestly betting big on win, place, show wagers doesn’t come easy for me.

I believe the reason is that when I’m taking the plunge on an exotic bet it’s because I see something with excellent odds and I’m landing in a race that I perceive the favorite to be vulnerable. Though my perception isn’t always correct which has become an acceptable part of making these wagers, when I do plunge into a race, I’m covering the odds horse in every way. As an example say I have a 20/1 shot that I believe will come in the money, then I not only have the horse on top and bottom in exactas with all, I’m also going after tris placing the runner in 3rd and 4th in supers and this usually takes a lot of money however when hit, the payouts can be massive as all of us have already seen when we hit the $12K super last year at Woodbine. Betting a lot of money this way doesn’t worry me because I feel that I have this 20/1 shot covered so if this horse does come in then we cash.

On the other hand a good portion of our win, place, show, and daily double bets are Not going to be 20/1. More like 3/1 ($8 return) or 5/2 ($7.20 return) and to make money betting this way it’s imperative for us to bet Large and just as important to bet the runner where we believe where they will come in, win place Or Show and I’m going to use an example from our most recent week to share what I mean.

I bet $500 to show on the 6 horse at Aqueduct in Race 5 on 3/5/22 which was a large bet for us and part of increasing our bet size per race, HOWEVER the 57% show was the reason why. Even though this horse Won and went off at true odds of 2.25 or 2/1 that paid $2.70 to show, our venture is about cashing where we perceive things will unfold. Again nothing ever means that our betting decision is precise, because it’s about winning AND cashing and to make sure we stay according to path, it’s imperative to abide by statistics and what they relay.

In closing I wish to share a story. Way back when Ed and me lived in Maryland, we went to live racing as much as possible. Because of Ed’s growing notoriety in the 90s we often had racing enthusiasts introduce themselves and one guy in particular that we met complained heavily about a horse named Ten Keys. Though before my time in racing, Ten Keys was a claimed horse by trainer Michael Pino who went on to win multiple stakes wins. I can’t say exactly what Pino claimed the horse for because this was so long ago however my recollection was he claimed him for $10K.

Any how, this handicapper complained constantly about Pino and Ten Keys saying that this horse would have won much more because of yada yada yada. And at the time I wasn’t in the place that I am now with betting so I didn’t fully comprehend his complaining and just knew that this was a complaint because Ed had said so. The complaining consisted of this handicapper saying that “If Pino did this” OR “If Pino did that” that the horse would have been better. Yet I do recall that after the claim Michael Pino won over a million dollars with this horse.

What has stuck with me all these years, after this and also after witnessing Ed becoming the successful handicapper that he was is “None of Us know precisely what is going to unfold in Any race” and if you decide to enter And You Cash, that This IS successful. So why complain about what “could of or would of” been. You cashed. You made $. And this is truly what all this is about.

One final note. I’ve had what other players view as professionals say that they would Never Ever tell what they were betting, before or after and have even been told that I was being brave letting it be known what I actually bet. And my response to this is, If You understand statistics and apply these accordingly, win or lose which Will Happen, the end result is what matters. And if you can show a profit, consistently and overall, that this is a truly amazing accomplishment.

Yes, you can ALWAYS arm chair quarterback and see things clearly “After the Race” HOWEVER it’s before the race and the decision that you make that Really Matters. AND if you can show in the long run that your decisions ARE profitable, then this is All That Matters.

And this is where we Are today 🙂


Non-Disclosure Agreement

This Non-disclosure Agreement (this “Agreement” is effective as of May 08, 2020 the “Effective Date”), by and between Zen Racing Stats LLC (the “Owner”), of 8465 W Sahara Ave Suite 111-515, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117, and all LLC Members (the “Recipient”) where

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The Owner has requested and the Recipient agrees that the Recipient will protect the confidential material and information which may be disclosed between the Owner and the Recipient. Therefore, the parties agree as follows:

I. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. The term “Confidential Information” means any information or material which is proprietary to the Owner, whether or not owned or developed by the Owner, which is not generally known other than by the Owner, and which the Recipient may obtain through any direct or indirect contact with the Owner Regardless of whether specifically identified as confidential or proprietary. Confidential Information shall include any information provided by the Owner concerning the business, technology and information of the Owner deals, including, without limitation, business records and plans, trade secrets, technical data, product ideas, contracts, financial information, pricing structure, discounts, computer programs and listings, source code and/or object code, copyrights and intellectual property, inventions, sales leads, strategic alliances, partners, and customer and client lists. The nature of the information and the manner of disclosure are such that a reasonable person would understand it to be confidential.

A. “Confidential Information” does not include:

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