Version 3

What We Have – What We’ll Bet – Plans for Zen

Susan writes: Hello Everyone

This message brings Good News.

I wake each morning enthusiastic. I genuinely hope that today is the day that I finally will have all this ready to show you so you too can see how far we’ve come. How we have reached the place where we can use our betting program to make money when my physical limitations prevent me from working the hours that I have in the past and I face another day coming to a close without this quite being finished. Yet today if you’re reading this, then I must have been able to finish and to this I say Yaaay!!! This is why it has taken me almost 2 months to ready yet we haven’t really missed out too much because over the same time we’ve been experiencing intermittent interruptions due to necessary fixes that usually have to made during development and a lot of data points have been added to Version 3 so this is expected.

We’ve accomplished a lot. There is more for us to do yet given my plight I’ve come to accept that even though I physically won’t be the one that gets us across the finish line that we have the most important part to our venture in place; the foundation of Ed’s 4-race form cycle stats along with Benter’s algorithms is set and these are the integral calculators that will ensure our success. Where we go from here is completely up to You, which should include each contributing as a whole and not left to just the ones who have kept us in tact.

Since my diagnosis, almost a year ago, I have been on a mission to make sure Zen Racing Stats LLC continues moving on a forward path. I’ve surprised myself (and my doctors) by lasting as long as I have and know this is in large part due to the good energy you send and by my pulling down for more in hopes things will continue after I’m gone. I’ve come to terms with my current physical state and understand I’m not able to pull down for any more, and because of this realize this will be the last opportunity I’ll have to share about how far we’ve come. I’ll leave our moving forward up to you.

Version 3 is here, in hand and ready to use not without error because we remain in the stage of development. Thanks to the developers who gifted us countless hours and for the shareholders who funded the purchase of the extensive data. Without each of you coming together this would not have been possible. From all of us, including Ed, Thank You!

What does this mean?
We’re about 40 to 45% there. Meaning we have many more things to add that will get us to the point where we can confidently bet all the programs top selections. This does not mean that we can not currently use what we have nor what we have isn’t great. It simply means additional analyzing is required.

Below are links to 10 reports, all but the two most recent which contain data through 11/13 have the same info through 10/25, just separated in various ways that we do in house in order to decipherer what we should bet.


This analysis displays our findings regarding exactas and win-place-show.

Several things to note in V3 verses V2 with first being there is absolutely No Difference in the WPS percentage hits and payouts from the Standouts Vs All which makes sense since the algorithms should apply to all thereby produce the same results for all.

Version 3s overall in the money hit rate is down to an on average 58% from an overall on average 70+ percent in Version 2 yet the mutuels are far higher now and prove profit when eliminating low odds. Prior the 70% included a good portion of the payouts below 2/1. The current mutuel averages over 3/1 and includes a percentage of double digit WPS payouts as well as several triple.

Analyzing the programs top selection results is and will remain the key, the cornerstone to our success. And at present (until we’re in a position to hire a hands on developer who can make adjustments for us on a regular basis as needed) we’re currently limited to exporting WPS results to spreadsheets so to track any additional payouts at present requires manual entry. Yet a necessary step we should take towards our evolution because it’s through these percentages that we become aware of which ones we should bet. And equally as important which ones we should not.

As an example we know that even though below a 5/2 Morning Line is in the exacta (win/place) over 65% of the time that betting these are not profitable so we should pass betting exactas below 5/2. Yet through the same analyzing we know that a Morning Line of 5/2 to 3/1 exactas hit 52.69% and are profitable to bet even when the odds fall below their Morning Line in field sizes of at least 8 and that this odds level often shows (comes in 3rd) when not first or second so in addition to betting exactas we should bet equal amount to show. Furthermore we know that a Morning Line over 3/1 exactas hit at a 33.5% hit rate yet is profitable to bet and also comes in 3rd often enough when not in the exacta and should warrant an equal amount to bet to show.

Since 11/13/23 (adding in the races since 10/25 where the above reports end) there were 15,326 races of which 6,679 races the programs top selection for each race win-placed (exacta requirement). 100 did not offer an exacta payout (or we missed recording the payout) for a total of 6,579 exactas that paid. Of these
3,312 exactas paid $25 and below,
1,712 paid between $25 and $49,
988 between $50 and $99,
399 paid between $100 and $199,
85 paid between $200 and $299,
37 paid between $300 and $399,
16 paid between $400 and $499,
9 paid between $500 and $599,
5 paid over $600,
4 paid over $700,
3 paid over $800.
2 paid over $900,
4 paid between $1,000 and $1,499,
2 paid between $1,500 and $1,999
1 paid over $2,000.

By separating odds to payout we have deciphered a profitable way for us to use the program in it’s current state to bet exactas. We’ll be eliminating specific races for specific reasons, having a set of rules in place which passes a lot of hits, but the bulk of what we’re passing are low payouts. Here’s the particulars.

When to Pass:
Pass all races with a morning line below 5/2
Pass all races where our key horse is bet down to final odds of 2.1 which equals a payout of $6.20. Our records indicate 2.1 final odds include the majority of the exacta payouts from $75 and up.
Pass exacta bets on 7 horse fields or lower and instead:
Bet WP if final odds over 2.1 and WPS if final odds over 3.5
Pass 8 horse fields when our top selection is bet down to 2.2 and another runner in the race is bet down to similar

When and What to Bet:
When runner makes it through the above reasons to pass
Bet Exacta Key Box the programs top selection with the field.
Bet equal amount on our key runner to Show only when is going in the gate at odds of 3/1 or higher.

Now nothing is exact. We will be passing races that have decent hits just as we’ll be hitting some races where the payout is less than the investment because the odds dropped below the requirement and we missed the chance to cancel the bet. What analyzing the results does for us is we understand that more often than not betting this precise way proves profit and profit overall is what we’re after which means accepting not always having the nice payout or the payout is a loss is part of this too.

Using just the first two reasons for races we plan to pass and the 15,166 races that offered an exacta payout, we’d subtract 3,073 races that had a morning line below 5/2 and another 3,155 races where our key selection had final odds of 2.1 and lower leaves 8,938 races that we could consider a bet, however we narrow this down even more by excluding things as field size, whether we consider the favorite vulnerable or not and other factors such as multiple positive stats in a race is best to pass or for any reason Jon who will be making our bets thinks he should.

We remain a work in progress until we reach completion. Which means there are times when we’ll be down. There are two segments to our development and even though we have one in place, we lack the other and have now reached the point where we are in great need of the other and here’s why.

The way this is supposed to work is we build so much (meaning developers get everything set, add the foundation, semi-set the display and control panel meaning we’re set to export results including XYZ columns, not all) and we work with this through analyzing and making bets. What’s missing is someone to work along side of us as we analyze and bet. This person could not only fix the quirks (bugs) that happen during development, they could also adjust according to our needs, try things like grouping certain distances together rather than having them precise to 6 fur, 6.5 and so on to see if this works better and also add things to the results columns that we export like the payouts for exactas along with WPS which would save us the manual time of entering this data and the months of catch up in order to analyze and know which ones to bet. In other words, we have the developers on one end and now are in need of a developer on the other end who works along side as we progress. Then once we have betting strategies down and we’re making money from our bets and the program is stabilized, we pull the other team of developers back in and have them add more algorithms. Next on the list is pedigree and this not only includes how they perform at certain ages at certain distances and on certain surfaces, and gender it also sizes these up with one another when running in races with various factors like different ages (3 yrs to 7 yrs) and so on but in order for this to work and for us to know what to bet along the way, which will change as our top selection hit rate improves which would open up serial race wagers, it’s important to proceed in increments. Not unlike a recipe that you want to enhance. You may think you should add several spices but how would you know which one would be right or if all would be if you added all at once so by doing so in increments of one at a time you can gauge and this is the same. There are millions and millions of variables, all intertwined yet all in their own way having an impact to the outcome so the only way we can gauge our best direction is by doing so in increments.

We’re in good position because we can now use what we’ve built to make money that will finally put us (Zen) in a place of self sufficiency because we’ll be able to cover our $2,600+ a month operating costs through bets, build our betting bank and be in a position to pay monthly dividends and here’s how:

Assuming we starting with a betting pool of around 20K of which so far we’ve received 3K, Jon will bet the exactas as explained above and at the end of each month split 50/50 meaning, all profit over the 20K left in the betting bank is split with 50% to Zen (which will be used to cover operating costs, pay back previous money borrowed with promised interest and keep money back so Zen can hire the hands on developer) and the other 50% paid in dividends split to all shareholders by shares owned. To explain, say the first month we profit $20K (over the 20K left in our bank), 10K would go to Zen and the other 10K is split among the shareholders according to shares so if you own 2 shares (in either equistats or Zen) your share of profit would be 2% or $200 for that month. This would increase as we increase the amount wagered.

A 20K betting pool would ensure we bet all the races that fit into this criteria, would supply a large enough monthly profit to cover operating costs, allow us to begin to pay back several loans with interest to shareholders who did not convert their loan to a share last year when we did not get the anticipated influx of venture capital, allow us to set back so much each month to hire the hands on developer and pay our shareholders dividends.

Since betting with what we built is as crucial to our success as raising the money we did to build it, we’re asking all shareholders to participate towards our pool if for no other reason that it’s important to all of us that you do so, and have to say especially so to me.

Each investment made towards our bank will add to a portion of a share in the company thereby adding to what you’ll receive when paying dividends. In other words an investment of $1,000 towards our pool, would be worth 1/7th of a share so using the above example of 2% worth $200 for that month, the $1,000 would add $14.28 to that months dividends. And to the shareholders who already committed to another full share that have been paying in increments, want you to know that anything you invest towards our pool will be applied towards the share we’ve been keeping back for you.

In closing….
You can probably tell from the time it’s taken for me to write this that I have reached the point of no longer being able to pull down for more. It’s not because I don’t want to. My heart and soul are here yet my physical is saying no more and yearns to step away. Now with the release of Version 3 I can. We’re finally on our way. Very soon we’ll all be making money so I can and will be able to do so in peace.

Your sharing in this amazing venture with us has meant everything to Ed and me. You are the reason we’ve made it this far. You are the Let em roll at the quarter pole! The road we traveled came with a lot of twists, turns and hurdles to overcome and because this is life we will probably experience more But the good news is What we’ve accomplished has set us, our loved ones and our future loved ones up for a nice return on our investment for the rest of our lives and then some 🙂

I Love You. Will always be with you in spirit.
“It hasn’t been easy, Yet nothing worth doing ever is.”
I ask you to please Invest Here

From Susan

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for the long time between correspondence. I have been compiling reports to show our progress yet my declining health keeps getting in the way.

We raised $7500 back in May which afforded us the purchase of 3 years of clear data. We thought 5 years was the mark and this was why we attempted to raise $10K several months back yet as it turns out this did not matter as the 3 years did the trick and our progress has been huge!

Since my diagnosis I have been on quite a journey which at times has me in a place of stagnant. My health has prevented me from being able to complete reports that details our progress so for now I’m faced with supplying you with what I have been able to put together to date, (with hopes of a more recent report to soon follow) so you can see the reason for my enthusiasm and want to let everyone know that as of now we are 40 to 45% there!!! And at this moment we are ready to make all of us money.

So you can see the reason for my enthusiasm, these are the results from 7/4/23 when we incorporated the files to 8/17 (where we manually record the exacta payouts as this is the only way we can do this right now until we can add exactas to our export files by paying a developer to add this to the exports and at present I am the only person who is recording these yet this report shows the payouts from the programs top selections) Exacta and WPS Payouts from 7-4-23 to 8-17-23

There are and will remain issues with what we have until we reach completion. As an example, the surfaces are not daily recorded correctly (not that they are not calculated correctly, just not displayed correctly) and when we run the daily update, often, especially when a surface change happens, the races and the information are falling off and sometimes runners that are still running fall off and are not listed after the update.

The ultimate goal is to hire a full time developer to work along side of Jon Wright (who is our designated bettor and at the helm) that will correct these things on a daily basis however we have to make money (through bets) in order to do so. We’re on our way and this progress means that we can probably accomplish this on our own, meaning without ever having to go through crowdfunding which is great!

So what we currently need is to pull together money for Jon to bet with. Which brings me to the reason for my post. I’ve amazingly lasted longer than ever expected and I attribute this to holistic approach and prayers from everyone which I can not thank you enough for yet I am a realist and fully aware of how I am fading (recently had another bout with diverticulitis) and because of this understand that my time is not long which is the reason I write to you now, to appeal.

Our developers gave Us, Ed and also me a gift. They said if we could purchase this clean data that they would get us to Version 3 and they got us here however even though we’re here we have No money to bet with.

During the past few months of tracking the results we’ve analyzed the data as Ed would have and we have established a plan. By analyzing the results we have a proved profitable approach of betting exactas. This is just one established approach that came from analyzing the results so we can not only start making money for our shareholders through Zen Racing bets, we can maintain self-sufficiency (meaning no longer in the position of having to ask for funds to cover operating costs) but we need to raise money so we (Jon) can make bets.

This is most likely my last correspondence. I’m asking You, all of You, every person who is part of Zen to send what money you can for Jon to bet with. We’ve come this far. All of us have a lot invested. We’ve reached a place where we have proof of profit and all we need is money for us to bet. So I ask, anyone who has committed to another share that has a balance, now is the time to send what you can in towards this balance, and anyone who can send any amount we’ll compensate even if it’s applied to 1/10th of a new share, so we can make this happen.

I understand we all have gone through a great deal together to get here. A lot of time, a lot of waiting for things to develop and a lot of money invested. Making a billion dollars isn’t something that comes easy. If it was everyone would do this. Yet not just anyone can. We know of one person, Bill Benter who wasn’t even a horseplayer (he was a card player) pulled this off even though he didn’t possess a bit of knowledge on horse racing or tracking and betting statistics like Ed which has always been the reason Ed and me knew the same is there for all of us if we could just pull this venture together and this happened only because of You! The realization of this has never been lost on either of us. We know we could not have made this dream a reality without You!

So lets keep this rolling. Invest. I ask this of you now more than ever. Any amount. We’re set. We’re ready to reap the benefits of what we formed. The good news is that what we’ve built will keep moving in a positive way even after I’m gone. I have total confidence in Jon. He knows what to do.

The following page is set up for investments. Invest whatever you can. We’re ready to roll……… Just need funds so we can. Invest Here

A Message to all Zen Shareholders from Pete

Pimlico’s Full CardStandouts 5-20-23


To All Shareholders,
We are at a serious crossroads! We have invested in a startup that promised the world to us horseplayers. That ultimate dream we have all harbored in our minds for so long; we have yearned, hoped and dreamed of beating the races consistently and to actually earn long term profits! We are so close that it would be almost criminal to back away at this juncture. I am aware that we all have been dismayed by the amount of delay and the difficulties involved in getting this rocket ship airborne. But, the jump from V1 to V2 increased the rate of return on bets by 20% across the board without even considering exotics. Susan believes that we can increase our Win% by ten percentage points within six months! We are on the precipice of achieving a Rate of return of 20% or more!

These dividends will occur without any of us lifting a finger and will go on and on and on. Think of your children and grandchildren who could benefit from this!

This is a Startup company. Sometimes the goal is a little more difficult to reach than originally thought; but, we are so close! Don’t let frustration prevent us all from achieving a phenomenal goal. Please, help us continue to strive toward V3 and contribute what you can. WE are in this Together and we will reap the rewards Together, but only if we survive!

We will be there in 3-6 months with everyone on board, but we need those who can to dig a little deeper! We will be rewarded many times over!

Thanks, Susan, for all you have done! You have given us a chance to realize a big dream coming true!

Need Your Assistance

Evening all,

Amazingly I am still here and beyond time anticipated. Though I’m noticeably fading. I think my presence has everything to do with the positive energy from all of your prayers and from some well thought out heart given gifts from friends who know me well and understand my approach to healing is holistic. I’ve been gifted with such things as earthing blankets and bio-healers and I can’t thank you enough.

Because the majority of Zen shareholders wish Zen to continue I’ve done everything I can to make this happen which has included my personally staying at things even though this hasn’t been physically easy.

We, my assistants and myself, have been working regularly on readying products to sell, statistics derived from my equistats database through, with the Trainer-Jockey Exacta report as the primary yet even though this in our past has been a popular report, it’s been about 5 years since Ed and me sold a product and because I’m personally not in shape to re-establish sales, things have been slow. Since this will take time to reestablish, what sales we’ve had to date so far hasn’t been enough to cover operating costs so Everything Zen had in our betting account has been used to fund our continuance since August of this past year. There hasn’t been enough sales to cover our overhead to date and as recently shared I went all in to get Version 2 out so we could show proof of concept essentially means I have Nothing left, no backup funds to keep us going.

Which brings me to the reason I write. I know my presence is limited. I honestly am amazed I’m still here though when you are my person believes it’s for a reason. A purpose that hasn’t yet been fulfilled and even though we’ve made it through today, by ends month, actually by next week, we will no longer exist cause I do not have funds in hand to pay for the necessaries to cover for this which is why I write.

We need $2K in hand by end of this month ($1K by this coming week) to stay afloat and then on average the same amount each month after. Without pulling together and funding this we’re essentially down and the betting program will cease cause we won’t be paying for the essentials to keep us going. So I view this as one of the main reasons I’ve remained.

I received a text message yesterday from Onder Law, the law firm handling Ed’s and my Camp Lejeune lawsuit case about an update pertaining to my case and about a packet on it’s way asking for some additional information pertaining to Ed’s case. They expect a settlement, possibly by the end of this year and no later than 2024 which was a surprise and given the cancer Ed suffered through it’s anticipated we’ll be awarded between $600K to 1 Million 200K of which the law firm gets 40% for their representation.

Because of my diagnosis I am well aware that I will not be here when these funds are awarded, though if I were I’d be sure to first pay back all investors that participated in raising funds to keep us going with the remainder going back into Zen with the exception of keeping enough back to keep things rolling while waiting for the venture we began together reaches completion.

To date there have been 3 shareholders who have helped keep us moving forward and because they did, we’ve made it here, to today. Yet the reason for my message is we’re out of funds and while doing everything we can to get products ready for sale that will compensate towards this, it’s not here now and without shareholders help now nothing we’ve built to date matters because Zen will be no more.

I can’t be anymore direct.

Continuing what we began and getting this to fruition can happen with your help and the following explains how by doing so you’ll be compensated and doing so will not require a large amount up front.

Option: buy an additional share in Zen. My other company equistats moved 4 shares over to Zen. So instead of equistats owning 60% of Zen, they now own 56. The investment for these shares is $7K and this can be paid over time, throughout the year, only we require some of this now.!

This investment is the same as our other Zen Racing shares meaning that when we reach the point of paying dividends this additional share will be added to any current share you own. So if you own 2 shares in Zen and purchase another share now, when dividends are paid you’d receive dividends on three shares instead of two.

You can send any investment amount towards this through this link on our website:

Please continue to use this link to make all investments towards a share throughout this year.

The most difficult I faced is not seeing us through to fruition. This venture is at the core of Ed’s and my being yet I’ve come to realize that setting up the foundation is almost as rewarding cause the main algorithms are in place and things only get better from here.

Dear Shareholders

Hello everyone.

Hope this message finds you well.
This will most likely be my last post.

In order to keep things moving forward and to make Zen’s future happen by ensuring overhead expenses are met I decided to resume selling an popular product called Trainer-Jockey Exacta reports. < Click link to learn more.

Though these reports technically would compensate my other company equi-stats as these stats are derived directly from equi-stats database, my person has the urge within to keep our venture going so the plan is to apply Every sale to Zen from these reports . My greatest wish is that this will cover compensation for my two assistants who will be running Everything in my absence because these key people are the very reason Zen will be able to continue.

Though we’re still working on tracks and expect the bulk of these to be ready by March 6th, we have some ready now. I wanted to ask each of You a personal favor and that is to spread the word. Let everyone know on your social media that resumed this popular report and spread this link with friends. We offer a 10% discount on All publications by entering coupon code: Welcome10 upon checkout


Zen Racing share holders will Always save 20% on every product during edbain.coms existence by entering this coupon code: ZenHolder

This report was Ed’s personal go-to, especially when a trainer was switching to one of theirs.

For more information please visit the following link: Trainer-Jockey Exacta reports

Appreciate your spreading the word about a most valuable report.

Proof of Concept Part 2


Click on Image to Enlarge
For a copy of Version 2 Standouts Results 6/20/22 to 12/31/22 report> Click Here


Click on Image to Enlarge
For a copy of Version 2 All Races Results 7/03/22 to 12/31/22> Click Here


Get ready to have your mind blown
In Part one of Proof of Concept we wrote about the positive results from the Standouts:

Since 6/20/22 and through 12/31/22 there were 8,089 Standouts, 2,710 of these won for an on average 33.50% win rate, 1,902 placed for a 23.51% place rate and 1,172 showed for a 14.48% show rate and an overall in the money hit rate of 71.50%.

Of these 8,089 races 15 did not offer place bets and 218 did not offer show bets. If we bet $2 across on all we would have wagered $48,038 and received $48,584.18 for an overall flat bet profit of $546.18. Had we bet $20 across on all we would have a flat bet profit of $5,461.80 or $200 across on all we would have a flat bet profit of $54,618.00.

This profit is without eliminating a single wager for odds and flat betting each of these across and before adding Zen wagers on average 5% cash reward. Presenting the information this way first as it shows that once we released Version 2 we’ve reached a milestone that without adding in anything else our module is proof of success, it works and we are only 30% complete.

The Reason Our Program is a Huge Success with the release of Version 2 is the algorithms now in place in our module Correctly Separates out the Standouts and takes us to Profit by separating and selecting 8,089 races that have a 13 point advantage from the next runner in that same race and doing so from 18,852 available, essentially eliminating 10,763 races takes us not only from 59.44% in the money hit rate to 71.50% if we flat bet all Standouts without eliminating one wager we’d go from a loss of $19,713.58 to a profit of $546.18 for $2 across the board wagers (win-place-show) even before adding in cash rewards and we’re only 30% done, only 30% of where we’re going to be and with proper bet sizing we can make the $30K to run an equity crowd funding campaign and finish what we began; getting our module to producing an on average between 65 and 75% winners, not in the money and then this boils down to bet sizing and how much profit we want to make!

Here’s why. Since 7/3/22, 13 days after we released Version 2 and began tracking Standouts which began 6/20/22 there were a total of 18,852 races and our program selects runners to finish in a particular order by the algorithms we already have in place and of these 18,852 races 6 did not offer any bets even on win, 101 did not offer bets on place and 795 did not offer bets on show. Had we bet $2 across on all WPS offered on these 18,852 we would have wagered total of $111,082.00 and got back $91,368.42 for a total loss of $19,713.58. 4,440 won for a 25.30% win rate, 3,606 placed for a 19.13% place rate and 2,829 showed for a 15.0% show rate and an overall in the money hit rate of 59.44%.

Our program separated 8,089 races from these 18,852 because our algorithms assigned specified to do so and 2,710 of these won, increasing our win rate 8.2%, 1,902 placed for a 23.51% on average place rate increasing 4.38% place rate and 1,172 showed for a 14.48% show rate, essentially the same show rate percentage as all. So by separating the 8,089 Standouts we went from a $19,713.58 loss to a $546.18 profit even before receiving cash rewards on every $2 bet.

Bet $20 across and that profit increases to $5,461.80, or $200 across and the profit hits $54,681.00!
Add in the on average 5% cash rewards Zen receives on their WPS wagers and the numbers go off the scale:
$2 across becomes a profit of $2,948.08
$20 across becomes a profit of $29,480.80
$200 across becomes a profit of $294,808.00
and this is if we do not progress one step further!

Yet it would be a shame to get this far and stop because I am no longer at the helm when we have someone capable, as capable as Ed would be in making money on our bets through Jon Wright. And now that I’ve laid out this Proof of Concept all that an equity crowd funding campaign would require is financial statements showing our expenditures and asset of what we’ve invested to date along with a projection statement and estimate requires around $30K to cover for preparation, SEC filings, professional fees (accounting and legal) production videos to raise 5 million and 5 million would not only take Zen to 65 to 75% winners, this would also cover for integrating A I so we could robotically trade our investments.

I prepared the Proof of Concept for you to have ready whenever you (Zen shareholders) are ready to present to obtain equity capital to complete our venture. Though whenever you are ready to present an updated Proof of Concept should be done. Jon Wright maintains a running total of each so this can be done on his end.

Presenting what we have to you in its completed to date form now lets me step away meaning at present with how I’m feeling I very much wish to take the time I have left to spend with loved ones and resting because this is the best way I can show everyone involved in our venture what a big deal we have, what we’ve accomplished together and it gives me the chance to ask you from me, my heart and Ed’s, don’t let our dream fade. Don’t let all we’ve worked for together just go cause I am no longer here. We’ve set everything in place so there is no reason we can’t reach the end. Plus no one, not one person in our venture will lose anything, not even their initial investment because everyone is in my trust and the payout from the Camp Lejeune settlement, though most likely 3 years from now provides everyone their investment back. I ask, how many times have you invested in anything and at the very least got your initial investment back? I answer for everyone cause I know the answer is never. But this is the case here. I ask only that you don’t let our venture that we built together die.

Lastly, we need to fund Zen. Replenish our betting account and enough to cover our overhead, the absolute necessary things required to keep Zen moving forward. Even if you already own a share in equistats, consider buying in another share to keep us going. You’ll gain ownership also to a piece of our horse racing database the most crucial component to our existence. Once I’m no longer here there won’t be anyone to cover for this while waiting for funds to come in. Every penny we had, including betting pool, and every thing I had left went to get us here, in order to release version 2. Jon continues to bet for us (Zen) and is quite successful yet we have little funds for him to bet with.

In a recent post I offered a fair way of taking care of all this by investing in a share in equistats that equals an additional share in Zen and though stated that the investment towards this can happen throughout the year to give everyone the chance to use the program for awhile and make money we could use a portion of this now. We opened 7 shares in equistats for $7K per share equivalent to another share in Zen meaning when dividends are paid that this share would be added to any shares already owned. However we’re virtually near zero in our betting bank since covering for Zen’s bills since September. Have no doubt Jon could make all the money we need to get us to crowd funding if he had money to invest now. So this is also a last plea. Even if one share was funded, Zen could move mountains. My plea is, buy in a piece of a share now.

Commit by sending in something today and then take the rest of the year to pay the difference. These investments can be made at the following link: Buy a share in equistats

After sharing all the above my wish is that the light bulb went off. That by showing you these numbers that you too see not only what we accomplished and how substantial it is but also what is in store and how we’re on the cusp of success if we don’t stop things from moving. This is my wish. Keep going! Do what you can to make this happen. This means everything to Ed and to me and to all of us involved.

Proof of Concept

Click on Image to Enlarge

Since 6/20/22 and through 12/31/22 there were 8,089 Standouts, 2,710 of these won for an on average 33.50% win rate, 1,902 placed for a 23.51% place rate and 1,172 showed for a 14.48% show rate and an overall in the money hit rate of 71.50%.

Of these 8,089 races 15 did not offer place bets and 218 did not offer show bets. If we bet $2 across on all we would have wagered $48,038 and received $48,584.18 for an overall flat bet profit of $546.18. Had we bet $20 across on all we would have a flat bet profit of $5,461.80 or $200 across on all we would have a flat bet profit of $54,618.00.

This profit is without eliminating a single wager for odds and flat betting each of these across and before adding Zen wagers on average 5% cash reward. Presenting the information this way first as it shows that once we released Version 2 we’ve reached a milestone that without adding in anything else our module is proof of success, it works and we are only 30% complete.

Add 5% cash reward to each return and
$2 across on all Standouts nets a profit of $2,948.08
$20 across on all Standouts nets a profit of $29,480.80
$200 across on all Standouts nets a profit of $294,808.00

For a copy of this report Click Here

There are 3 ways that Zen shareholders can proceed and all three are a way of making money.

First is you could flat bet all without eliminating and should be able to set up a wagering account through the affiliate I mentioned previously that offers cash rewards though not as high as Zen gets but any percentage adds to the bottom line. Note unfortunately this can not be set up for anyone who lives in Nevada or California due to legislation.

Or instead of flat betting all, you could elect to do as we do (Jon, myself and all inside Zen) and analyze the results and place bets accordingly, essentially culling through odds and hit rates and wager on just these.

Second since Jon has been successfully betting what we have analyzed and proving profit, be certain that he maintains funds to bet with as opposed to paying the required things to keep us going with our betting pool and by year end we’ll have enough profit to continue working on what we have that would get us to 60 to 75% winners.

Or Third, take this proof of concept and go after equity crowd funding which Jon would head as he knows Everything I know about what we’re doing. All that is required is Proof of Concept, a current financial and money in order to set the campaign up properly though there is no reason Zen couldn’t get funding to not only get this to 75% winners but Also incorporate A I so Zen could robotically trade so if making the decision to move in this direction opens the door to sourcing for funds in upwards of several million.

And there is actually a 4th option. We have over a million dollars already invested in what we built. There is no reason what we have can’t be sold and at the very least could net what has already been invested. I just personally did not pursue this as an option beyond the two mentioned before sharing my plight.

No matter, even staying in status quo there is no reason to believe that once I’m unable to be active in Zen that Zen won’t continue and succeed.

Apologies for being forthwith in my recent posts though my person is unable to do otherwise. Though by outlaying what I face is dismal doesn’t mean that Zen is destine to go down the tubes because I will no longer be present.

Honestly I really need to step away. That is what I meant when I said this is probably my last post. Since my diagnosis I have been going full guns in order to make sure Zen will keep going. I have every confidence that Jon Wright can get us to the finish line and expressing this was my intent in the most recent post. I hope that by my stepping away, meaning not posting anymore on the blog would give me the peace I so need to relax and do the best I can for the remainder of my days. My post was Not intended to give concern. Quite the opposite. It’s just that I am no longer able to push through and since I know inward that we are in a good place and that everything will be fine entrusting all that we (I) set up before bowing out and bowing out is for me a great need because I’m exhausted is all.

Please remember I have everyone listed in my trust so nothing, not even initial investments will be lost. This was a God send to me. Knowing of the Camp Lejeune settlement gave me the peace I needed when I came to realize that physically I was no longer able to carry on.

The most difficult thing that I have had to accept is I have no idea how long I have and when I will not be able to continue as I have. Yet I am aware of what I face, understand there is a window and I also personally experience fading so this makes me anxious. I do not know from one day to the next if I will be here so when I write things it is always with this in mind.

And I try to avoid writing about what I’m experiencing because I do not wish to worry anyone. I personally worry that I won’t get things to the place they need to be to carry forward without me and this is the reason I have kept pushing. Though, Now I feel comfort in knowing this has been accomplished. Everything is set. Jon will make everything we set out to do happen, and this allows me to step away and the reason why I stated this will most likely be my last post.

I’m leaving our world. That is a given and something I accept yet I plan to be with everyone in Spirt, along side Ed and rooting all of us home by hollering “Let em roll at the quarter pole”. I have given all I have through and through, each step of the way and it is because of this that I am able to leave in peace.

Zen Racing in Hands of the Most Capable

Way back when….. there was a techy for its time commercial playing introducing us to a new experience they dubbed “The Information Super Highway” and it wasn’t long for the world to discover they were referring to the Internet.

This goes so far back it was even before the Y2K buzz enthralled the nation, actually the entire planet because they were concerned the change in Century from 1900s to 2000s could very well bring all technology to a halt. But we made it and soon established our presence by offering Ed’s Layoff and Claim statistics online and at several subscribers suggestion we added a state of the art “Message Board” so we could talk stats.

And talk stats we did, often with an interesting fellow stat enthusiast named Jon Wright whose discussions about statistics began on “the board” were so captivating that we found this such a benefit that we soon continued Ed’s and Jon’s discussions in our monthly Newsletter.

Jon has been the perfect assistant because Ed and me out of the gate noticed he and Jon share the same brain. So it was natural. Almost as if the lining of the stars had to be just so for this to happen and it did!

Ed and I are realists. Instead of going inward and disappearing when given bad news, we take the opposite and accept reality cause there is absolutely nothing we can do to change it. We view the knowing as an opportunity to plan and plan we did by first accepting when we started this venture that there was a high percentage chance that Ed wouldn’t see this to completion because of his cancer diagnosis. This bought about much discussion with the most important one being who would we want to carry this forward and have the utmost confidence in that would be able to do so and both of our first choices for this was our lifelong friend Jon Wright. Here’s why;

This is Ed’s Brain:

This is Jon Wright’s Brain:

So you can see our reasoning.

Continuing in the mindset of accepting things head on, I am fully aware that the coherent days I have left are limited yet understanding this does not make anxiety dissipate. My biggest concern, actually for a long time has been due to years of health issues that I won’t be able to get us to fruition because of these health issues I face. Yet rather than let this mountain of fear stop me in my tracks, I get up each day and say OK, thank you creator for giving me this time to set things in motion so we can plan to make a difference and this is how I go about my day.

Yet all this does Not mean that I know exactly what to do. How to get us there with the least difficulties. It just means I see and have always seen the big picture and understand if given the time and proper finance what Can Happen from what we’ve started. We truly have in hand the ability to “Better Our World” because once we reach final version we not only can’t lose, we’re a shoe in for making millions if not a billion as already proven by Bill Benter.

So this could very well be my last post as truthfully I Am fading. It’s been a challenge getting up each day though what drives me is to do everything I can to set in motion that our venture continue. Though it can Not and will Not without You, all of you seeing what we have accomplished to date and the actual Picture of where we can be which is why I write.

As stated earlier when first diagnosed I was flustered and didn’t have my thinking cap on straight. I guess that would be normal for anyone told what I was yet now that I’ve had time to think I realize asking a group of shareholders to take the brunt of the cost to move us forward wasn’t rational or fair as the majority wishes to continue understanding the original plan which is to have one person make the bets for Zen, a large enough investment once we reach 65 to 75% on average wins (not in the money) actual wins. Once there we can’t lose.

To date we’re about 30% done. What we have already accomplished is phenomenal though without someone pointing this out this could be lost. We could actually bet across the board on All Standouts (including the updated ones and changed ones through the day) and turn a very small profit because a lot of small priced favorites are included in the wins.

Moving forward means Jon is already and continues to place wagers for Zen. We analyze the results from the algorithms in place which then tells us where to focus our wagers. The money earned is how we’ll fund continuance and the release of future versions. And later equity crowd funding can always be a considered option since the release of Version 2 shows proof of concept.

The goal is to have the runners that make it to the list of Standouts to Win on average at least 65 to 75% of the time and know that this list is expected to be much smaller than current (say on average 15 bets to make per day) with the end result being for us to flat bet all, most likely across and we will turn profit.

However if Zen stops here and I pass then all stops there too.

So after long thought and opening myself up to guidance, in part guidance from Ed, I have come up with a plan. One that would fund Zen for 1 year, including paying assistants Jon Wright and Aubri as these are the two people who alone keep things moving along as it is completely unrealistic to expect each to work as I have for free. So what I propose would cover for their efforts during this first year, move Zen forward And afford Us, all of us the money needed to bring our venture to completion.

This is how:

Below is a graph of our structure. You’ll note that equi-stats, my other company, the one that owns the database which is the reason Zen could get off the ground cause of equi-stats supplying a horse racing database feed for free to Zen when compatible costs $500K per year and Zen Racing is Owned 60% by equi-stats. However out of the 36 shareholders Zen has, quite a few of these were/are equi-stats shareholders that converted a good portion of their shares to Zen, including me as well as my equi-stats business partner and head developer Joel.

All said and done there are 12.5 shares that equi-stats holds alone and are open in shares in Zen. Though its imperative for equi-stats to retain shares in Zen so when they reach goal equi-stats will have benefit too, this leaves 7 shares open. And what this means is this, we are opening these 7 shares in equi-stats to Zen shareholders for almost the initial investment made in Zen. These shares are offered for 7K verses the 6K and what this would mean is that these share have equal value to Zen shares so when dividends are paid any of these 7 shares invested in equi-stats would receive equal 1 share in dividends paid by Zen though a share in equi-stats means much more because a silent share in equistats give the shareholder a part ownership in equi-stats horse racing database, the absolute essential component that makes Zen go. In other words should equi-stats no longer be able to provide the database feed free to Zen then owning shares secures continuance verses the alternative of having to pay about $500K per year to an outside source for an equivalent data feed.

The shareholders who have a copy of our betting program in hand can now see first hand what we have accomplished and given time am certain will turn profit too. So what we propose is any Zen shareholder who uses the program or not but would like another share in our venture has another opportunity to buy in through these 7 open shares in equi-stats and can do so by investing in increments throughout this year. Meaning this gives a full year to pay for the share purchased so when we reach the point of paying dividends then this share purchase would count the same as any investment already made in Zen only the biggest difference and a plus is that as an equi-stats shareholder you now would own rights to the database! And this is substantial.

In closing to a very long blog post from my and Ed’s heart. We could never have gotten this far without any of you believing in what we are building. Ed devoted his life to racing and always knew with the right information that you could win and he did. Betting on thoroughbreds is Not gambling. Gambling is a game of chance and if you win the establishments throw you out. Betting on racing and winning only means to the racetracks or casinos that you will most likely bet more and should you win, they still get their “take” so it’s no issue if you win and we’re making this possible through this venture that you and Ed and me are part of.

To begin investing in a share which is how we can keep things going and eventually get to fruition please begin by investing at the following link: Shareholder equi-stats stock inv

To clarify, this is almost the same opportunity we offered when we first opened shares in Zen. Invest $7K (instead of $6K) and we’re offering this investment over time instead of up front, and by doing so receive the same advantages of a dividend payout from Zen’s profits plus own a crucial piece of what makes all of this possible, a piece of the horse racing database, the core behind what makes any of what we have happen. Invest what you can, as you can though in order to keep Zen going the full amount has to in by the end of this year. It costs on average just over $2K a month for Zen to run, Not counting Any compensation for Jon or Aubri with over $6K due in Jan which we didn’t cover and things can stop if we don’t cover these expenses. Even though Jon and Aubri may consider continuing temporarily without compensation it is not something that any of us should take for granted.

My wish would have been to be with you when we crossed the finish line. Though I understand now that this won’t happen I am grateful beyond words for being a part of what we all built together and for our getting as far as we have!

Video’s Explaining What we Have and Where we are Headed

Please note: I am functioning proportionally half my normal state which has resulted in the videos coming out a bit choppy. Partly due to the medication I’m taking too. 🙂



Non-Disclosure Agreement

This Non-disclosure Agreement (this “Agreement” is effective as of May 08, 2020 the “Effective Date”), by and between Zen Racing Stats LLC (the “Owner”), of 8465 W Sahara Ave Suite 111-515, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117, and all LLC Members (the “Recipient”) where

Zen Racing Stats LLC will be sharing proprietary information with all its members, investors, and silent partners and as long as they own stock in and/or work for Owner in any capacity is prohibited from sharing, giving away, selling, showing or collaborating with to any person and/or entity outside Zen Racing Stats LLC company indefinitely.

The Owner has requested and the Recipient agrees that the Recipient will protect the confidential material and information which may be disclosed between the Owner and the Recipient. Therefore, the parties agree as follows:

I. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. The term “Confidential Information” means any information or material which is proprietary to the Owner, whether or not owned or developed by the Owner, which is not generally known other than by the Owner, and which the Recipient may obtain through any direct or indirect contact with the Owner Regardless of whether specifically identified as confidential or proprietary. Confidential Information shall include any information provided by the Owner concerning the business, technology and information of the Owner deals, including, without limitation, business records and plans, trade secrets, technical data, product ideas, contracts, financial information, pricing structure, discounts, computer programs and listings, source code and/or object code, copyrights and intellectual property, inventions, sales leads, strategic alliances, partners, and customer and client lists. The nature of the information and the manner of disclosure are such that a reasonable person would understand it to be confidential.

A. “Confidential Information” does not include:

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II. PROTECTION OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. The Recipient understands and acknowledges that the Confidential Information has been developed or obtained by the Owner by the investment of significant time, effort and expense, and that the Confidential Information is a valuable, special and unique asset of the Owner which provides the Owner with a significant competitive advantage, and needs to be protected from improper disclosure. In consideration for the receipt by the Recipient of the Confidential Information, the Recipient agrees as follows:

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III. UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION – INJUNCTION. If it appears that the Recipient has disclosed (or has threatened to disclose) Confidential Information in violation of this Agreement, the Owner shall be entitled to an injunction to restrain the Recipient from disclosing the Confidential Information in whole or in part. The Owner shall not be prohibited by this provision from pursuing other remedies, including a claim for losses and damages.

IV. NON-CIRCUMVENTION. For a period of five (5) years after the end of the
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V. RETURN OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: Upon the written request of the Owner, the Recipient shall return to the Owner all written materials containing the Confidential Information. The Recipient shall also deliver to the Owner written statements signed by the Receipt certifying that all materials have been returned within five (5) days of receipt of the request.

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