The 5 is Alive

If Guinness book of World Records had a count on who hit 5 out of 6 in the Pick 6 the most times in history we’d be the record with 5 out of 6 on the last 5 pick 6 bets made to date for Zen Racing.

Now Imagine what it will be like when the remainder of the algorithms are in 🙂

We’ll top Guinness record book again for 6 out of 6.

And a little smile for all the stockholders who go way back with Ed and me, particularly when we sold Ed’s Layoffs and Claims stats in book form. This was my in box Derby Day:

Susan’s inbox Derby Day

This week I’ll resume the duty of protecting our investment before returning to the investment we are protecting and by Tuesday most new passwords that we know were received will be in place. You’ll know when because the login rejects the previous one.

Here’s a link to a YouTube Channel that features author Mark Cramer, an excellent handicapper and one that Ed and I respect. The sound is not as good as he would have liked but it’s their “Debut race” and clear enough to enjoy. He’s considering hosting a similar channel so if you enjoy feel free to share this link with fellow handicappers.