Pick 6 Bet at GP

Well…. at least we got the third 5 out of 6 out of the way. I heard my Mother’s voice echoing when things happen in 2s they always happen in 3s and though this is our third close call and we didn’t get beat by the 7 horse winning, instead we did got beat by the 7 horse losing so that’s is the third 7 too.

Maybe this means we’ll win the next one but if not, I know this…. We’ll keep trying, especially once the program has all the anticipated algorithms added in by the end of this month. Looking forward to that day which will be here soon.

I made the following Pick 6 wagers for us today at GP

Gulfstream Race 5

$0.20 PK6 on 1-7,9-11/1-6/1/7/4/1,2,5-7,9-11 $96
$0.20 PK6 on 1-7,9-11/5/1/7/1-3,5/1,2,5-7,9-11 $64

and I made the following Pick 4 wager for us today at KEE

Keeneland Race 2

$0.50 PK4 on 2-6/1,3,5,7,9/1,3,5,7/5 $50
$0.50 PK4 on 1/1,3,5,7,9/1,3,5,7/1,2,3,4,5 $50