No Sharing Our Info

It’s unfortunate that I have to post this but due to some recent activity and because we’re at the point where our betting program will be producing a majority of winners, and our security software tracks All IPs and their locations and each device’s mac address, And this security software has identified several times different addresses logging in,
it has become necessary to clearly define what actions will release an investor indefinitely from our venture in order to protect the rest of us and All we have invested.

1). No investor can share or sell ANY of the information provided from our betting program whether seen published on this site Or in print form, verbally, electronically or otherwise.

2). No Investor can share or provide their login credentials to anyone for any reason, verbally, electronically or otherwise.

3). No Investor can share or sell ANY proprietary information that we shared on our website about the algorithms we’ve included in our betting program, photos, videos, screen shots, any of it verbally, electronically or otherwise.

Breach of this and even suspected breach until we can confirm otherwise will automatically release this investor from our venture and they will no longer have access to any part of this venture, ever again.


To protect our copyrights and proprietary information we have changed the settings on the Non-Disclosure Agreement to agree to regularly rather than agreeing to once even though agreeing once binds each investor continuously.

The security software as well as all parties and me that monitor usage understand that most of us own several devices that will access this pertinent information and takes this into account. So no need to worry if you have more than two devices because this is recognized and of course you won’t be oust. However, the security we have in place is similar to the security banks use so when it does detect a breach, we will deactivate and then terminate this individual account without notification.

And to be clear It Is fine for each investor to personally bet anything that they want from the information we provide though I’d like to ask that should I post a Rainbow Pick 6 play before the first leg is run for everyone not to duplicate the bet only because to hit the big payout it only happens when one ticket hits. It’s fine if any investor wants to bet a Pick 5 or 4 off of the posted Rainbow pick 6 wager, just not a duplicate bet of our rainbow pick 6.

BTW I was really happy to hear that two of you hit serial wagers off of the pick 6s we displayed. Want everyone who is an investor to reap all the benefits available to you from your much appreciated investment because without you we wouldn’t be here at all. Just keep it for yourself.

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  1. I appreciate your handling of this matter.
    Investors should be considerate to the group, and also recognize your time is valuable and should not be diverted, at all, to dealing with the most basic of agreements.
    Thankfully, most of realize the importance of this endeavor.
    , and the privilege of benefiting from your expertise, energy and stewardship.

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