Linda Rice and 99 Days at Aqueduct

Linda Rice is the daughter of trainer Clyde Rice who raced and trained a very large 100 horse stable. Linda has two brothers that were jockeys. Linda was breaking horses at a young age and at 9 she handicapped races with The Daily Racing Form. She does not bet.

Linda Rice loves horses and has gone through her entire life working with them.  When her horses are not racing any more she makes sure they have a good home. Linda’s 1000th win was a horse owned by her father.

Today she manages a stable of 50 to 60 horses. Linda Rice had all 4 placing for the Superfecta in a race at Saratoga and the super paid $3,490. Maybe that’s a record. Linda is a Yankee fan. When former Yankee manager Joe Torres was a player he once hit into 4 consecutive inning ending double plays. That is a record.

The past 4 years Linda sent 1,774 horses to post and 695 hit the exacta for a 39% hit rate. She had 877 of these races at Aqueduct, hit 377 exactas for a 43% hit rate.  At Belmont she went 671-145-22% and Saratoga 226-74-33%.

Rice is an Aqueduct specialist. She plans her Aqueduct season long before opening day. Her background allows her to line up her stable for this track.

Here are some really good Linda Rice stats from these 877 races;

1 mile distance on the dirt she has a total 186 races run in New York. At Aqueduct she has had 46 of these races at 1 mile in 99 days.  That’s a race about every other day. She hit 20 for a 43% strike rate. I believe that Linda Rice is a miler and that may be why she is so good at sprints.

At 6 furlongs she went 359-148-41%. 59 of these races the track was muddy or sloppy and she went 59-21-36%.  Linda Rice is also a mudder.

257 of Linda Rice trained horses went to post as the favorite. 161 hit for a 66% strike rate in the exacta.

In stakes races Linda is 58-22-38% at Aqueduct.

In Maiden Special Weights Rice is 133-52-38%.

In Maiden Claims she is 169-84-50%.

Maiden Special Weight dropping to Maiden Claim, the biggest drop in racing, Rice is a very good betting play.

Linda is a claiming trainer. On claim 1 at Aqueduct her numbers are 59-32-54%.

She is a layoff trainer. On 1st after a layoff at Aqueduct Linda is 141-66-47%.

Linda is a debut trainer, only it’s the second race, debut 2. She went 50-36-72%.

These 877 races were over 4 years.  That is about 220 races per season. Aqueduct has a 99 day meet. Linda averages just over 2 races a day to bet from at Aqueduct. Cashing above 25% on one trainer has permitted me to benefit from her life experience with horses and managing a big stable. Combine her intent with her statistics is handicapping.

When so many stats on a trainer are good in every category, I then look for odds to tell me what to bet.

I separated her races by odds:

4/5 and down is an odds on favorite. 70 went to post, 53 were in the exacta for a 75% hit rate.  Sounds good however, the low payout also has a low exacta payout for the 70 favorites averaged out to a 1-2 shot that would pay $3 for a $2 bet.  Most exactas will be well under $10. Value is not in low paying favorites however, if you bet and cash on a mistake it is called an overlay.

I then separated her odds by even money to 3/2.  That would be $4 payout for even money or a $5 payout for 3/2.  89 raced, 48 hit for a 54% strike rate.  Still good however, this odds level has the same problem as the odds on horses, low payouts. If you bet for a living you have to understand value. With these odds the exacta has a suppressed payout and offers little value for most exacta bets. Though you can make a mistake and with a 54% hit rate you can cash on a mistake, a mistake is an over bet horse. Value can be a long shot. The problem with longshots is there strike rate and can you handicap into that strike rate to produce a hit. Value can be 25% hit 1 bet from every 4.

From 8/5 9/5 2/1 and 5/2 Linda Rice sent 228 runners to post with these odds and 111 hit for a 47% exacta. This odds level supplies a number of things. Almost a hit every other race as well as exacta value. Many of these runners will be favored and still get higher paying exactas; from around $20 to $60 payouts.

I have a play I look for with every trainer 3/1. Linda sent 64 horses to post at Aqueduct and hit with 25 for a 39% strike rate. With this odds level and 8/5 to 5/2 I can get the stats close to a play a day to analyze. With her over all very impressive hit rate on just about everything I could add in every Maiden Claim runner to analyze to handicap more plays.

7/2 to 6/1 went to post 227 times, hit 79 for a 35% hit rate.  This odds level is really good for a longshot exacta payout. 7/2 pays $9 and that is normally the 3rd or 4th betting choice to the players. I do make plays from this odds level.

At 7/1 Linda went 193-39-20%. This odds level Linda Rice has to tell me to bet. On claim 1 if Linda claimed a horse for $25,000 and put her horse into a $250,000 stakes race and her odds are 40/1, she is a bet. She knows her horse is ready to run his best race and maybe hit this race. If she does not score I will wait for her next longshot.

Linda Rice has been around large barns all her racing life and she knows and understands the logistics of a large stable.  To be able to manage a stable this size for the Aqueduct meet is like running a large company. She has won $65.7 million.

Rice may not bet however, she is the best bet in racing. I have been betting and cashing on her runners since 1995 and have cashed for 6 figures betting on her numbers.

Linda Rice performs this year after year at Aqueduct and year after year I get out of the Aqueduct starting gate with her.
I have two Linda Rice plays today at Aqueduct:

Race 2: The #1A, Micozzi, 3/1 odds 64-25-39%.  The race is an entry.  She has two horses for the price of one.  The #1 horse, Acoustic, claim 1 in a route 27-18-66%.  Linda Rice claimed the horse for herself.

Race 9: The #6, Do Share, 4/1 odds is on Lay 1 sprint 79-37-48%
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