How many Trainers and Jockeys are in Ed’s Novel Libraries, Yellow Cheese Sandwiches and 38,880 Running Lines?

From Susan:

I was curious how many trainers, jockeys and thoroughbreds are in Ed’s Novel Libraries, Yellow Cheese Sandwiches and 38,880 Running Lines so I made a list. As I did I was enjoying a walk down memory lane. Since many of our friends are in the racing industry I thought I’d share here who is in Ed’s book (in no particular order).  Maybe you’ll see your name 🙂

Trainers:                                                          Jockeys:
Vinny Blengs                                                     Edgar Prado

Bobby Frankel                                                   Mario Pino

Graham Motion                                                 Billy Passmore

Howard Wolfendale                                         Mark Johnson

King T. Leatherbury                                          Jerry Bailey

Bill Mott                                                                 Julie Krone

Woody Stevens                                                 Lafitte Pincay

Allen Jerkins                                                      Kent Desormeaux

Richard Small                                                    Mike Smith

Juan Serey                                                         John Velasquez

Mike Hushion                                                    Patrick Valenzuela

Shug McGaughey                                           Gary Stevens

Linda Rice                                                         Chris McCarron

Alan Iwinski                                                       Chris Antley

Ron Ellis                                                              Eddie Delahoussaye

Paul Assinesi                                                    Joe Bravo

Richard Mandella                                           Andrea Seefeldt

Joe Devereaux                                                 Joy Scott

Paco Gonzales                                                  Larry Reynolds

D Wayne Lukas                                                 Steve Cauthen

Kieran McLaughlin                                          Alberto Delgado

Richard Small                                                    Greg McCarron

Ben Perkins Sr                                                  David Flores

Louis Bernier

Dale Capuano

Robert Bailes                                                     Thoroughbred Horses:

John Robb                                                         Thunder Gulch

Gerald Delp                                                       Jameela

Bob Baffert                                                        Gulch

Charlie Whittingham                                     Lord at War

Jeanine Sahadi                                                  Nureyev

Ron McAnally                                                    Timber Country

Mike Mitchell                                                     Star Minister

John Shirreffs                                                     Golden Tent

Ted West                                                              Sunday Silence

Michael Dickenson                                           Easy Goer

Mike Chambers

Darrell Vienna

Scott Posey

Robert Barbara

John Dinatale

Barclay Tagg

Richard Delp

The one jockey who was in Ed’s book three times was Joy Scott, who owns the title of The Best Long Shot Jockey there ever was.
Excerpt from Libraries, Yellow Cheese Sandwiches and 38,880 Running Lines. Part Fourteen Neil The Wheel & Other Characters, including Kent J Desormeaux

Hollywood’s race 9 has a 10-horse field. There were two scratches in my exacta combination, so I had no exacta to bet. I could not come up with any other worthy horses to fill the exacta. No matter how regimented my decisions could become, each race offered a different set of issues that I’d never encountered. I considered passing, but I had a great stat on Paul Assinessi’s claim 1 route exacta: 7-6-85%. His morning line odds were 6/1. The stat was still the reason for the bet but the scratches had altered the path to a decision.

These stats are especially powerful for small-stable trainers. It had taken Paul Assinesi two years to produce 7 claim 1 routes. That’s one claim every three and a half months. This was the needle in the statistical haystack.

Such a bet on a big-stable trainer like Mandella becomes more difficult to determine because of the volume of qualifying horses.

Given the small number, I could assume that Paul Assinesi only claims a horse when he knows he can score. I pushed myself back from the table and crossed my arms. Jesus Christ, I had never handicapped this particular scenario.

I looked up at the TV monitor. The horses were coming on to the track for the post parade. The Assinesi horse was the 9. He came out on the track with his neck curled, his ears pointed to the front as if he were listening to salsa music, his coat shiny and his tale was flowing away from his body. He looked great.

I had to play him. Such stats don’t arrive every day, nor every week.

I moved back to the table. Race 9 was the first half of the late daily double. I looked at race 10, a maiden claiming event. I decided on three horses, including a debut-3 exacta stat of 18-6-33%. He was also the 9/5 morning line favorite. For my next possibility there was a 4 furlong workout on the horse with 60 horses working out that morning and this horse had run the second fastest of the 60. This race was six furlongs. This was a maiden claiming race. This horse had five starts with two thirds, but no other stat. Lafitte Pincay was riding. He was in with a morning line of 6/1.

Joe Devereux trained the third horse. Devereux had made a surprise move from Maryland to Southern California. Kent Desormeux was in the irons. Desormeux had raced about three years in Maryland. He set a national record for races won in 1989 when he won 598 races. After handicapping a race and coming up with my play, if Desormeux was not in my selections I would add him into my exacta or trifecta bet.

When Desormeux first came to Maryland the first bet I made on him had something to do with the names Devereux and Desormeux, two Cajuns. They had won that day. It was apparent to me, and everyone who watched Kent Desormeux race that he was a star. He was about 17 and looked like he was 14 and there was some concern that they did not really know how old Desormeux was. He was known in Maryland as the “Kid”. When the “Kid” left Maryland for California, he faced the best colony of race riders I’d ever seen. This particular Desormeaux horse was 4/1 in the morning line.

“Sober up Kid. You’re not as good as you think you are!”

I recalled a day when I was on the rail at Laurel and two handicappers were harassing Desormeaux during the post parade. They were shouting, “sober up Kid. You’re not as good as you think you are.” Jockeys are not allowed to talk or respond to the jerks yelling at them during the post parade. Then one of the guys yelled, “you can’t ride Desormeux, you can’t ride.

Desormeux turned in the saddle. He had had enough and yelled back at the two idiots. “I had two wins today. It’s not that I can’t ride. It’s that you can’t handicap.” The railbird crowd burst out in laughter. The two idiots shut up and walked away. I am a gambling man. I bet that they bet on Desormeux in that race.

Excerpt from Ed’s Novel

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