Good News, Good News and More Good News

We’ve contracted some serious developer help to build a tool so that the database and all it’s components will be cleaned (meaning aliased so the bulk majority of names will match) and this will be accomplished within the next 10 to 14 days.

At that time we’ll be able to add in the Owners which is one of the most important components currently missing from the calculations because until now, was too enormous a task to consider adding in due to the thousand different ways these owners are listed. However, the tool the developers built will take on this task for us.

After this is accomplished we’ll be adding in many missing and anticipated algorithms, such as pedigree; how this performs on different surfaces and surface conditions, ages, class and/or distance each prodigy is best suited for and where each will most likely win. The algorithms that produces a positive will add to today’s horse’s ratings while the negative ones (such as a horse isn’t placed in the right class) reduces the rating so when a horse makes it to our Potential Bets list, this runner will have at least a 15 sound point rating higher than any of the other runners in the same race. The integration of these algorithms will take an additional 2 weeks so by the end of this month we’ll be able to confidently make wagers and after a short test run of tweaking where the point ratings may be too tweaked or not enough, we will be going live and our venture will be running full speed ahead! Yeah!!!

Because we’re making our way to the far turn and going down the stretch, will need everyone who has a balance due on their investment(s) in hand no later than the end of this month so we’ll be ready to roll.

If this goes as well as expected , we may not have to open up any of the remaining shares.

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  1. Now that is good news!!!!

    Ever look into DPI
    Dam performance index presented by brisnet???
    Pretty impressive in maiden races first and second starts.

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