Finger Lakes Doozy

Trainer Chris Englehart

A horseplayer from Buffalo asked me to do a jockey trainer exacta report for Finger Lakes, a track I do not play though after seeing these stats, I will from now on.

As I complete this report for each track there are always big numbers on jockey trainers that make me say I have to include these when I look for bets to make more plays. Finger Lakes has a doozy of a stat. This stat is so big that I can not believe I never knew about it. Percentages like this validate my belief that statistics will supply consistency for a key horse exacta bet.

Once I know a Jockey/Trainer stat hits at a big percentage I can get a hit rate on my selections and find out what my cash rate is.

Chris Englehart was born down the road from Finger Lakes racetrack. He became a trainer in 1973. Chris has won 15 training titles at Finger Lakes, winning 13 training titles in a row.  His brother Steve is also a trainer. Over the years Chris had 6 children and all are in racing one way or another. His sons Jeremiah and Jeffrey Englehart are also trainers. Jeremiah broke his father’s training title streak in 2016 when he won the title of top trainer at Finger Lakes.

Over the last 4 years Chris Englehart with Jockey John Davila Jr. has 819 sprint races and hit 419 exactas for a 51% hit rate. This is a doozy of a stat. In routes John Davila Jr. and Chris Englehart are 367-178-49%.  What a head shaker.

Combined sprint and route jockey-trainer exacta statistics with Davila and Chris Englehart, these two went to post 1,186 times, hit the exacta with 597 for a 50% exacta hit rate.

His son Jeremiah and jockey John Davila Jr. in sprits are 175-107-61% and for routes 117-68-58%. Combined this duo has 292-175-60% exacta hit rate.

Chris’s son Jeffrey and John Davila Jr. in sprints had 77 races, hit 41 exactas for a 53% hit rate. In routes Jeffrey went 41-14-45%.

Combined Chris and his two sons had 1,586 races, hit 830 exactas 52% exacta hit rate. Oh man how many days to opening day at Finger Lakes, 36. The countdown begins.

There are 104 racing days at Finger Lakes. On average the three Englehart’s and jockey John Davila Jr. race about 396 times a year, that’s about four races a day. Chris and his sons hit 830 exactas in 4 years, 207 exactas a season. I have never seen a jockey trainer stat that produces four races a day and two exactas. That is a slow moving tsunami doozy.

Doozy in 1903 meant stylish or splendid. In 2017 the definition of doozy is something outstanding or unique of its time. This is the description I would use for this family of horse racing trainers and one jockey John Davila Jr. Chris, Jeremiah and Jeffrey Englehart.

Buffalo gets a doozy of a snowstorm every winter and in the spring we get another doozy at Finger Lakes; Cashing on two exactas per day at a meet that lasts 104 racing days.

That is a daily doozy.  Finger Lakes opens Saturday April 21. I will have a front row seat on opening day and I am sure I will have a doozy of a betting day!
My Bet today:
No bet today.  Made a mistake.  I was looking at my PPs for the wrong date. 

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3 Replies to “Finger Lakes Doozy”

  1. trying to understand the betting procedure. hit 2 exactas a day–does that mean play 2 of the 4 expected exactas by betting all/key, key/all? or does it simply mean to play all 4 of the exactas with the expectation of hitting 2 with limited “fillers”?

    1. Very complicated question. We’re talking about a jockey-trainer combination from Finger Lakes. We’re Chris Englehart and his two sons produce 4 races a day on average at Finger Lakes during their 104 day meet and they’re in the exacta 2 of those races. Now we have an established hit rate for the exacta. Then the question is how to play them. The first thing every player has to address is the favorite. How many favorites can you play and what the payouts on the exactas are. The answer to that is no you can’t play everyone of them. But you can play most of them that are between 7/5 and 2/1 and that’s five odds levels to bet into. That odds level will give decent size exactas. You don’t want to be betting into the favorite and you have the second favorite and the third favorite as your fillers and when you hit you lose money on the exacta. Value is always in the percentages. I never bet all unless it’s a trifecta. You have to handicap the horse, what his record is at this track and distance and you also have to make sure that these three trainers with Jockey John Davila Jr. has to be on every one of their runners to qualify as a probable bet. The difficult thing in handicapping once you have a key horse is how to handicap the fillers for the exacta. I start with the horse. If his race record is 1 for 17, I’ll pass. If his odds are below the jockey-trainer percentage, I’ll pass. There are a lot of things I do with a 4-race form cycle that both includes fillers and pass horses because of a weak form cycle. The exacta should not be played as an all. You have to handicap every race that you’re in and handicap every horse to try to eliminate him as a filter. I normally have 2 to 3 horses as a filler depending on field size for the exacta along with my key horse.

  2. not only are horses “crdatures of habit” but so are people. The trainer profiles is something i look forward to every week. thanks, ed.

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