Chad Brown Claimed Away

Trainer Chad Brown with Jockey Javier Castellano

Chad Brown studied animal science at Cornell University.

At 19 Shug McGaughey hired Brown. He worked with Dr. Steve Aliday focusing on lameness work. As a teenager he knew he wanted to be a horse trainer and he knew it’s about the horse’s legs and digestive system. He moved to Bobby Frankel’s barn and was with him for 5 ½ years. Brown started his own stable with 10 horses, one was claimed away and that left him with 9. This would be a reacquiring thing with Chad Brown horses getting claimed away.

Over the last 4 years Chad Brown had 2,446 races at Gulfstream, Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga in New York 1,066 hit the exacta for a 45% hit rate.

Brown is known for turf and exceptional work with fillies and mares. Chad Brown has loyalty to one jockey at Gulfstream Javier Castellano. At Gulfstream Chad Brown has raced 456 times, hit the exacta 183 times for a 40% strike rate. With Castellano in the irons they had 175 races at Gulfstream and 84 exactas for a 48% hit rate. It’s a given that these two are really good on the turf.

Over the past 4 years Chad Brown has lost 97 horses through the claiming box. That’s about one every other week or so. Most claiming trainers never claim 97 horses in their career. Of those 97, on the day they were claimed away Chad Brown hit the exacta with 52 for a 54% hit rate in the exacta.

The surprising thing is how many Maiden Claim horses were claimed from him, 39. 8 won and 9 placed for 21% win rate and a 44% exacta rate.

The 97 claims had 59 favorites in the exacta for a 61% hit rate that were claimed away as the favorite.

We can see how the claiming game is played at the very top. Many trainers will claim the favorite or the second favorite. 97 claims were made from 40 trainers. When the race went official 97 horses moved to a new barn and those 40 trainers handed over $3,979,000 to the owners of those 97 runners almost $ 4 million.

29 of the 97 claims won their last race with Chad Brown. Total purse money on these 29 wins was $1,243,000. His owners cashed for 60%, $745,000. Chad Brown makes about 10%, $74,000. It is the claiming move we always here about. They won the race collected the purse money and lost the horse to a claim of $40,000. They cashed both ways on the claim and the purse.

Dave Jacobson has claimed 11 of Chad Brown runners. $393,500 exchanged hands.

Linda Rice claimed 9 of Brown’s runners and 8 of them were favorites. The other one hit and paid $15, telling me Linda can handicap. 4 of these runners she claimed for herself. 7 of the 9 were Maiden Claimers.

Danny Gargan claimed 7 from Brown. Midwest Thoroughbreds purchased 5. They claimed 4 for $40,000 each and 1 for $25,000 for a total of $175,000.

Chad Brown has many high end stables and owners. Klaravich Stables and partnerships went to post 517 races, around 129 races a year. 34 were claimed away, around 8 or 9 a year. Danny Gargan claimed 4. $1,185,500 came from the claiming box to Klaravich Stables and partnerships and 34 horses had changed homes.

From my side of the betting window claim 1 sprint or route is a play. I scroll Aqueduct and Santa Anita every day for claim 1. I have 2 filters; if the horse is the favorite I pass the bet and if he won his last race that is also a pass. I had to pass all 7 of Linda Rice’s claim 1 horses.

Then I check who did they claim from which is the third thing I handicap if the horse gets through the 2 very effective filter’s.

One claiming trainer claiming from another claiming trainer I avoid if I can. I will not bet claim 1 if the horse has switched barns 4 or 5 times. One reason is odds; claiming a favorite and the horse’s next race he will be the favorite again. Another reason is bottom level claiming events and the care that is given to each horse.

I know a groom in Maryland named Ken who worked for Gary Capuano and other claiming trainers. I asked him what did he do with his horses that he knew the horse liked and he said I clean their feet. Horses hate that build up of wet matter in their hoofs. When it dries it can lead to problems. He pulled out the tool he cleaned their feet with. Cleaning their feet makes them happy. He said he would do this for other horses he liked when the other groom’s were not around. Chad Brown would probably order a dozen Kens.

Chad Brown’s education and working for two top trainers at the beginning of his career with lameness and horsemanship and his successes has lead to the 97 claimed away horses. All of those 40 trainers who claimed from Chad Brown know that his horses are well taken care and have pedigree. The focus of Chad Brown’s entire time in racing has been the horse’s legs. For the new owner the dream sets in, maybe I just claimed a stakes runner.

Gulfstream Saturday Chad Brown has two entries and one is with jockey Javier Castellano.

My bet today is Gulfstream Race 12 # 6 Favorable Outcome is a 3/1 Morning Line favorite in a 6 ½ furlong Stakes race. With owner Klaravich Stables and W. H. Lawrence Chad Brown and Javier Castellano in sprint races at Gulfstream are 175-84-48% exacta hit rate.
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