Hawthorne opened Yesterday. My opening day is today, Saturday.

My site had to go down for maintenance so I do not have the use of my trainer statistics however, I have Hawthorne’s Jockey Trainer exacta report so I will handicap with these jockey trainer statistics.

Hawthorne has 8 races with 68 entries. I have 26 jockey trainer stats to look at which is a really small amount of stats for a Saturday. Over the past four years at Hawthorne there were 94 jockeys who hit the exacta. Hawthorne is a very competitive circuit. Just getting a mount is a goal for most jockeys. The top 10 jocks at any track are truly talented because there are about 84 more jockeys willing to take their business from them if they have more talent.


Race 1

#1 Kim Dandy is 6/5.  C. Marquez and M. Reavis are 15-7-46% in the exacta. This is an OK stat. A six horse field and low odds. The exacta could be under $10 bucks so I will pass.

Race 3
#3 Shanghai Red is the 6/5 favorite. Jockey O. Hernandez with trainer R. Martinez is 7-2-29%. Nothing in the stat is a lead to a bet. When I have a race with small stats or no stats I try to evaluate the trainer’s thoughts of this horse by how all trainers perform with this jockey along with how many trainers gave this jockey an exacta. O. Hernandez is a very good jockey.  21 trainers gave him a chance and he hit the exacta with 18. All of these trainers were trying to win and this stat tells me that the trainers at Hawthorne think O. Hernandez is a very good jockey.

The # 1 horse Malachite has jockey V. Balilon with trainer J. Morsello. With no races at Hawthorne from these two I looked at how many trainers gave Balilon a chance at the exacta. 15 trainers produced 7 different trainer exactas. I think the trainers are not sure of this jockey. They are giving him longshots. He rode no favorites. The stat tells me he can ride and is the type of jockey who could blow up the tote board. If trainers see that Balilon has talent they will give him more competitive horses and with a little luck a big outfit may give him runners and he has the chance to break into the top 10 jockeys at Hawthorne.

In this race there are two jocks in an all out struggle to catch on.

The other jockey is on the # 6 horse Golden Pattern. Jockey F. Giles has no races with trainer R. Martinez. 13 trainers have produced 7 different exactas. Giles has the same obstacle to overcome as Balilon and I see the same issue taking mounts with really big odds. Both of these jockeys are on 20/1 shots today in a seven horse field. I’m a percentage player and the percentages say the exacta will come from the remaining five runners.

The five remaining jockeys are statistically the best in the race;
Lopez has ridden for 20 trainers and been in the exacta with 18.
Hernandez has ridden for 21 trainers and 19 hit the exacta.
Ulloa has ridden for 33 trainers and hit the exacta for 29.
Perez has ridden for 65 trainers and 55 different trainers were in the exacta.

Evaluating the ability of the jockeys trying to get more mounts through the trainer is an art.  I admit that.

Odds are the problem for the # 1 at 6/5.  For me he can not be a key horse.

#5 The Last Profit has morning line odds of 6/1. D. Velazquez is riding for trainer J. Berndt and has 69-25-42% exacta hit rate. A go to jockey trainer stat at 6/1. He is on the far side as a contender. 7/1 is a longshot bet to me. A go-to jockey and 6/1 is good enough for me.

The #5 horse The Last Profit is a key horse is for me in an exacta bet.

# 7 Iker has a morning line of 2/1. E. Perez is riding for trainer B. Rainwater and they are 39-17-44% in the exacta.

There are many seven horse fields in horse racing.  It is one of my favorite bets.  Try to concentrate as much cash as I can on a key horse and two fillers and hit multiple times.  I’ll stick with this approach even though I don’t have my trainer stats to confirm if this is a good bet.  My routine of finding plays in seven horse fields is the same if I did have my trainer stats available. These are the three jockey trainer stats in the race.

My Bet is an exacta 5 with 3-7 then 3-7-with the 5.

Race 7
#4 horse Partay has a morning line of 5/2. Jose Valdivia is riding for trainer C. Silva.  The stats I have for this jockey-trainer combination is 1-1-100%. Valdivia races at Arlington. A top jockey there at Arlington, at Hawthorne, Valdivia has raced with only three trainers though he has hit the exacta with all three. I’ll have him as a filler for the exacta.

# 6 horse Acrobatic Ally has a morning line of 9/2. C. Emigh is riding for trainer S. Becker and the stats I have for this jockey-trainer combination is 157-64-41%.

# 7 horse Suz has a morning line of 5/1. Jockey V. Santiago is riding for trainer S. Becker and this jockey-trainer exacta hit rate is 126-60-48%. Scott Becker has two runners in this race and two go to jockey’s. C. Emigh is his top jockey. I’ll key him.

My key horse exacta bet is 6 with 4-7 then 4-7 with the 6.

Jockey trainer statistics are a simple approach find the go-to jockey trainer stat and bet it.

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How many Trainers and Jockeys are in Ed’s Novel Libraries, Yellow Cheese Sandwiches and 38,880 Running Lines?

From Susan:

I was curious how many trainers, jockeys and thoroughbreds are in Ed’s Novel Libraries, Yellow Cheese Sandwiches and 38,880 Running Lines so I made a list. As I did I was enjoying a walk down memory lane. Since many of our friends are in the racing industry I thought I’d share here who is in Ed’s book (in no particular order).  Maybe you’ll see your name 🙂

Trainers:                                                          Jockeys:
Vinny Blengs                                                     Edgar Prado

Bobby Frankel                                                   Mario Pino

Graham Motion                                                 Billy Passmore

Howard Wolfendale                                         Mark Johnson

King T. Leatherbury                                          Jerry Bailey

Bill Mott                                                                 Julie Krone

Woody Stevens                                                 Lafitte Pincay

Allen Jerkins                                                      Kent Desormeaux

Richard Small                                                    Mike Smith

Juan Serey                                                         John Velasquez

Mike Hushion                                                    Patrick Valenzuela

Shug McGaughey                                           Gary Stevens

Linda Rice                                                         Chris McCarron

Alan Iwinski                                                       Chris Antley

Ron Ellis                                                              Eddie Delahoussaye

Paul Assinesi                                                    Joe Bravo

Richard Mandella                                           Andrea Seefeldt

Joe Devereaux                                                 Joy Scott

Paco Gonzales                                                  Larry Reynolds

D Wayne Lukas                                                 Steve Cauthen

Kieran McLaughlin                                          Alberto Delgado

Richard Small                                                    Greg McCarron

Ben Perkins Sr                                                  David Flores

Louis Bernier

Dale Capuano

Robert Bailes                                                     Thoroughbred Horses:

John Robb                                                         Thunder Gulch

Gerald Delp                                                       Jameela

Bob Baffert                                                        Gulch

Charlie Whittingham                                     Lord at War

Jeanine Sahadi                                                  Nureyev

Ron McAnally                                                    Timber Country

Mike Mitchell                                                     Star Minister

John Shirreffs                                                     Golden Tent

Ted West                                                              Sunday Silence

Michael Dickenson                                           Easy Goer

Mike Chambers

Darrell Vienna

Scott Posey

Robert Barbara

John Dinatale

Barclay Tagg

Richard Delp

The one jockey who was in Ed’s book three times was Joy Scott, who owns the title of The Best Long Shot Jockey there ever was.
Excerpt from Libraries, Yellow Cheese Sandwiches and 38,880 Running Lines. Part Fourteen Neil The Wheel & Other Characters, including Kent J Desormeaux

Hollywood’s race 9 has a 10-horse field. There were two scratches in my exacta combination, so I had no exacta to bet. I could not come up with any other worthy horses to fill the exacta. No matter how regimented my decisions could become, each race offered a different set of issues that I’d never encountered. I considered passing, but I had a great stat on Paul Assinessi’s claim 1 route exacta: 7-6-85%. His morning line odds were 6/1. The stat was still the reason for the bet but the scratches had altered the path to a decision.

These stats are especially powerful for small-stable trainers. It had taken Paul Assinesi two years to produce 7 claim 1 routes. That’s one claim every three and a half months. This was the needle in the statistical haystack.

Such a bet on a big-stable trainer like Mandella becomes more difficult to determine because of the volume of qualifying horses.

Given the small number, I could assume that Paul Assinesi only claims a horse when he knows he can score. I pushed myself back from the table and crossed my arms. Jesus Christ, I had never handicapped this particular scenario.

I looked up at the TV monitor. The horses were coming on to the track for the post parade. The Assinesi horse was the 9. He came out on the track with his neck curled, his ears pointed to the front as if he were listening to salsa music, his coat shiny and his tale was flowing away from his body. He looked great.

I had to play him. Such stats don’t arrive every day, nor every week.

I moved back to the table. Race 9 was the first half of the late daily double. I looked at race 10, a maiden claiming event. I decided on three horses, including a debut-3 exacta stat of 18-6-33%. He was also the 9/5 morning line favorite. For my next possibility there was a 4 furlong workout on the horse with 60 horses working out that morning and this horse had run the second fastest of the 60. This race was six furlongs. This was a maiden claiming race. This horse had five starts with two thirds, but no other stat. Lafitte Pincay was riding. He was in with a morning line of 6/1.

Joe Devereux trained the third horse. Devereux had made a surprise move from Maryland to Southern California. Kent Desormeux was in the irons. Desormeux had raced about three years in Maryland. He set a national record for races won in 1989 when he won 598 races. After handicapping a race and coming up with my play, if Desormeux was not in my selections I would add him into my exacta or trifecta bet.

When Desormeux first came to Maryland the first bet I made on him had something to do with the names Devereux and Desormeux, two Cajuns. They had won that day. It was apparent to me, and everyone who watched Kent Desormeux race that he was a star. He was about 17 and looked like he was 14 and there was some concern that they did not really know how old Desormeux was. He was known in Maryland as the “Kid”. When the “Kid” left Maryland for California, he faced the best colony of race riders I’d ever seen. This particular Desormeaux horse was 4/1 in the morning line.

“Sober up Kid. You’re not as good as you think you are!”

I recalled a day when I was on the rail at Laurel and two handicappers were harassing Desormeaux during the post parade. They were shouting, “sober up Kid. You’re not as good as you think you are.” Jockeys are not allowed to talk or respond to the jerks yelling at them during the post parade. Then one of the guys yelled, “you can’t ride Desormeux, you can’t ride.

Desormeux turned in the saddle. He had had enough and yelled back at the two idiots. “I had two wins today. It’s not that I can’t ride. It’s that you can’t handicap.” The railbird crowd burst out in laughter. The two idiots shut up and walked away. I am a gambling man. I bet that they bet on Desormeux in that race.

Excerpt from Ed’s Novel

The Odds

The odds we bet are a percentage. You will not see odds by percentage on the tote board. The board lists 8/5 as the odds.

My approach to betting is a key horse bet for the exacta. The key horse that I bet can come in first or second. I apply odds to percentages to know when to bet or when to pass.

The Daily Racing form lists decimal odds, not tote board odds.  8/5 odds in the Form would be listed as 1.60. There are two more things that go with odds; the payout of 8/5 pays $5.20 and the percentage of 8/5 is a 38% win rate.

Anyone who would like a copy of this Odds % Table send a note to edbain@edbain.com

I do not set odds on my bets. The percentage on the trainer or jockey-trainer tells me what that trainers odds are so I can determine if I want to place a bet.

I also use odds to pass bets. If a trainer has a 40% exacta stat (where he finishes 1st or 2nd 40% of the time with this stat) this 40% means his odds are 3/2.

If the horse is on the board at 3/1, a 25% hit rate and drops 7 odds level’s to 7/5 which is a 42% strike rate, he can still be a play only if his odds are above 7/5. I pass if he is 7/5 or lower at post time.

Equating odds to their percentages makes passing races easy for two reasons; I avoid low paying exactas. And I avoid the emotions that are there when they hit and I lose money on an underlay. Betting underlays will break every handicapper.

To me any odds level that demands a 50% hit rate or more is an automatic pass.  That would be lowest paying from even money to 1/10 seven odds levels.

This chart shows the 4 elements and how to bet and pass based on a percentage.

Decimal odds
Pay Out

My Bet today is at Aqueduct Race 3 #7 Horse Ballard High 5/2.  On Debut 1 Sprint Linda Rice has went to post with 117 first time starters, she hit the exacta with 28, a 23% exacta hit rate.  Linda Rice is a give em a race on their first start to see what she has in the horse and on Debut 2 sprint she is 82-46-56%.
Just completed a New Jockey-Trainer Exacta Report this week for the Illinois Circuit which includes Hawthorne (opening day 3/30) and Arlington Park.
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Kentucky Circuit: (Includes Churchill, Keeneland, Ellis, Turfway)
Finger Lakes
Golden Gate
Illinois Circuit (Includes Arlington Park and Hawthorne)

Jose Flores


A tragedy happened at Parx racetrack in Philadelphia.  I’ve made many bets and I’ve cashed many bets with Jose in the irons.  I will always remember his warm smile. I will miss him.

Finger Lakes Doozy

Trainer Chris Englehart

A horseplayer from Buffalo asked me to do a jockey trainer exacta report for Finger Lakes, a track I do not play though after seeing these stats, I will from now on.

As I complete this report for each track there are always big numbers on jockey trainers that make me say I have to include these when I look for bets to make more plays. Finger Lakes has a doozy of a stat. This stat is so big that I can not believe I never knew about it. Percentages like this validate my belief that statistics will supply consistency for a key horse exacta bet.

Once I know a Jockey/Trainer stat hits at a big percentage I can get a hit rate on my selections and find out what my cash rate is.

Chris Englehart was born down the road from Finger Lakes racetrack. He became a trainer in 1973. Chris has won 15 training titles at Finger Lakes, winning 13 training titles in a row.  His brother Steve is also a trainer. Over the years Chris had 6 children and all are in racing one way or another. His sons Jeremiah and Jeffrey Englehart are also trainers. Jeremiah broke his father’s training title streak in 2016 when he won the title of top trainer at Finger Lakes.

Over the last 4 years Chris Englehart with Jockey John Davila Jr. has 819 sprint races and hit 419 exactas for a 51% hit rate. This is a doozy of a stat. In routes John Davila Jr. and Chris Englehart are 367-178-49%.  What a head shaker.

Combined sprint and route jockey-trainer exacta statistics with Davila and Chris Englehart, these two went to post 1,186 times, hit the exacta with 597 for a 50% exacta hit rate.

His son Jeremiah and jockey John Davila Jr. in sprits are 175-107-61% and for routes 117-68-58%. Combined this duo has 292-175-60% exacta hit rate.

Chris’s son Jeffrey and John Davila Jr. in sprints had 77 races, hit 41 exactas for a 53% hit rate. In routes Jeffrey went 41-14-45%.

Combined Chris and his two sons had 1,586 races, hit 830 exactas 52% exacta hit rate. Oh man how many days to opening day at Finger Lakes, 36. The countdown begins.

There are 104 racing days at Finger Lakes. On average the three Englehart’s and jockey John Davila Jr. race about 396 times a year, that’s about four races a day. Chris and his sons hit 830 exactas in 4 years, 207 exactas a season. I have never seen a jockey trainer stat that produces four races a day and two exactas. That is a slow moving tsunami doozy.

Doozy in 1903 meant stylish or splendid. In 2017 the definition of doozy is something outstanding or unique of its time. This is the description I would use for this family of horse racing trainers and one jockey John Davila Jr. Chris, Jeremiah and Jeffrey Englehart.

Buffalo gets a doozy of a snowstorm every winter and in the spring we get another doozy at Finger Lakes; Cashing on two exactas per day at a meet that lasts 104 racing days.

That is a daily doozy.  Finger Lakes opens Saturday April 21. I will have a front row seat on opening day and I am sure I will have a doozy of a betting day!
My Bet today:
No bet today.  Made a mistake.  I was looking at my PPs for the wrong date. 

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Linda Rice and 99 Days at Aqueduct

Linda Rice is the daughter of trainer Clyde Rice who raced and trained a very large 100 horse stable. Linda has two brothers that were jockeys. Linda was breaking horses at a young age and at 9 she handicapped races with The Daily Racing Form. She does not bet.

Linda Rice loves horses and has gone through her entire life working with them.  When her horses are not racing any more she makes sure they have a good home. Linda’s 1000th win was a horse owned by her father.

Today she manages a stable of 50 to 60 horses. Linda Rice had all 4 placing for the Superfecta in a race at Saratoga and the super paid $3,490. Maybe that’s a record. Linda is a Yankee fan. When former Yankee manager Joe Torres was a player he once hit into 4 consecutive inning ending double plays. That is a record.

The past 4 years Linda sent 1,774 horses to post and 695 hit the exacta for a 39% hit rate. She had 877 of these races at Aqueduct, hit 377 exactas for a 43% hit rate.  At Belmont she went 671-145-22% and Saratoga 226-74-33%.

Rice is an Aqueduct specialist. She plans her Aqueduct season long before opening day. Her background allows her to line up her stable for this track.

Here are some really good Linda Rice stats from these 877 races;

1 mile distance on the dirt she has a total 186 races run in New York. At Aqueduct she has had 46 of these races at 1 mile in 99 days.  That’s a race about every other day. She hit 20 for a 43% strike rate. I believe that Linda Rice is a miler and that may be why she is so good at sprints.

At 6 furlongs she went 359-148-41%. 59 of these races the track was muddy or sloppy and she went 59-21-36%.  Linda Rice is also a mudder.

257 of Linda Rice trained horses went to post as the favorite. 161 hit for a 66% strike rate in the exacta.

In stakes races Linda is 58-22-38% at Aqueduct.

In Maiden Special Weights Rice is 133-52-38%.

In Maiden Claims she is 169-84-50%.

Maiden Special Weight dropping to Maiden Claim, the biggest drop in racing, Rice is a very good betting play.

Linda is a claiming trainer. On claim 1 at Aqueduct her numbers are 59-32-54%.

She is a layoff trainer. On 1st after a layoff at Aqueduct Linda is 141-66-47%.

Linda is a debut trainer, only it’s the second race, debut 2. She went 50-36-72%.

These 877 races were over 4 years.  That is about 220 races per season. Aqueduct has a 99 day meet. Linda averages just over 2 races a day to bet from at Aqueduct. Cashing above 25% on one trainer has permitted me to benefit from her life experience with horses and managing a big stable. Combine her intent with her statistics is handicapping.

When so many stats on a trainer are good in every category, I then look for odds to tell me what to bet.

I separated her races by odds:

4/5 and down is an odds on favorite. 70 went to post, 53 were in the exacta for a 75% hit rate.  Sounds good however, the low payout also has a low exacta payout for the 70 favorites averaged out to a 1-2 shot that would pay $3 for a $2 bet.  Most exactas will be well under $10. Value is not in low paying favorites however, if you bet and cash on a mistake it is called an overlay.

I then separated her odds by even money to 3/2.  That would be $4 payout for even money or a $5 payout for 3/2.  89 raced, 48 hit for a 54% strike rate.  Still good however, this odds level has the same problem as the odds on horses, low payouts. If you bet for a living you have to understand value. With these odds the exacta has a suppressed payout and offers little value for most exacta bets. Though you can make a mistake and with a 54% hit rate you can cash on a mistake, a mistake is an over bet horse. Value can be a long shot. The problem with longshots is there strike rate and can you handicap into that strike rate to produce a hit. Value can be 25% hit 1 bet from every 4.

From 8/5 9/5 2/1 and 5/2 Linda Rice sent 228 runners to post with these odds and 111 hit for a 47% exacta. This odds level supplies a number of things. Almost a hit every other race as well as exacta value. Many of these runners will be favored and still get higher paying exactas; from around $20 to $60 payouts.

I have a play I look for with every trainer 3/1. Linda sent 64 horses to post at Aqueduct and hit with 25 for a 39% strike rate. With this odds level and 8/5 to 5/2 I can get the stats close to a play a day to analyze. With her over all very impressive hit rate on just about everything I could add in every Maiden Claim runner to analyze to handicap more plays.

7/2 to 6/1 went to post 227 times, hit 79 for a 35% hit rate.  This odds level is really good for a longshot exacta payout. 7/2 pays $9 and that is normally the 3rd or 4th betting choice to the players. I do make plays from this odds level.

At 7/1 Linda went 193-39-20%. This odds level Linda Rice has to tell me to bet. On claim 1 if Linda claimed a horse for $25,000 and put her horse into a $250,000 stakes race and her odds are 40/1, she is a bet. She knows her horse is ready to run his best race and maybe hit this race. If she does not score I will wait for her next longshot.

Linda Rice has been around large barns all her racing life and she knows and understands the logistics of a large stable.  To be able to manage a stable this size for the Aqueduct meet is like running a large company. She has won $65.7 million.

Rice may not bet however, she is the best bet in racing. I have been betting and cashing on her runners since 1995 and have cashed for 6 figures betting on her numbers.

Linda Rice performs this year after year at Aqueduct and year after year I get out of the Aqueduct starting gate with her.
I have two Linda Rice plays today at Aqueduct:

Race 2: The #1A, Micozzi, 3/1 odds 64-25-39%.  The race is an entry.  She has two horses for the price of one.  The #1 horse, Acoustic, claim 1 in a route 27-18-66%.  Linda Rice claimed the horse for herself.

Race 9: The #6, Do Share, 4/1 odds is on Lay 1 sprint 79-37-48%
We now have 10 Jockey-Trainer Exacta Reports Completed.
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Chad Brown Claimed Away

Trainer Chad Brown with Jockey Javier Castellano

Chad Brown studied animal science at Cornell University.

At 19 Shug McGaughey hired Brown. He worked with Dr. Steve Aliday focusing on lameness work. As a teenager he knew he wanted to be a horse trainer and he knew it’s about the horse’s legs and digestive system. He moved to Bobby Frankel’s barn and was with him for 5 ½ years. Brown started his own stable with 10 horses, one was claimed away and that left him with 9. This would be a reacquiring thing with Chad Brown horses getting claimed away.

Over the last 4 years Chad Brown had 2,446 races at Gulfstream, Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga in New York 1,066 hit the exacta for a 45% hit rate.

Brown is known for turf and exceptional work with fillies and mares. Chad Brown has loyalty to one jockey at Gulfstream Javier Castellano. At Gulfstream Chad Brown has raced 456 times, hit the exacta 183 times for a 40% strike rate. With Castellano in the irons they had 175 races at Gulfstream and 84 exactas for a 48% hit rate. It’s a given that these two are really good on the turf.

Over the past 4 years Chad Brown has lost 97 horses through the claiming box. That’s about one every other week or so. Most claiming trainers never claim 97 horses in their career. Of those 97, on the day they were claimed away Chad Brown hit the exacta with 52 for a 54% hit rate in the exacta.

The surprising thing is how many Maiden Claim horses were claimed from him, 39. 8 won and 9 placed for 21% win rate and a 44% exacta rate.

The 97 claims had 59 favorites in the exacta for a 61% hit rate that were claimed away as the favorite.

We can see how the claiming game is played at the very top. Many trainers will claim the favorite or the second favorite. 97 claims were made from 40 trainers. When the race went official 97 horses moved to a new barn and those 40 trainers handed over $3,979,000 to the owners of those 97 runners almost $ 4 million.

29 of the 97 claims won their last race with Chad Brown. Total purse money on these 29 wins was $1,243,000. His owners cashed for 60%, $745,000. Chad Brown makes about 10%, $74,000. It is the claiming move we always here about. They won the race collected the purse money and lost the horse to a claim of $40,000. They cashed both ways on the claim and the purse.

Dave Jacobson has claimed 11 of Chad Brown runners. $393,500 exchanged hands.

Linda Rice claimed 9 of Brown’s runners and 8 of them were favorites. The other one hit and paid $15, telling me Linda can handicap. 4 of these runners she claimed for herself. 7 of the 9 were Maiden Claimers.

Danny Gargan claimed 7 from Brown. Midwest Thoroughbreds purchased 5. They claimed 4 for $40,000 each and 1 for $25,000 for a total of $175,000.

Chad Brown has many high end stables and owners. Klaravich Stables and partnerships went to post 517 races, around 129 races a year. 34 were claimed away, around 8 or 9 a year. Danny Gargan claimed 4. $1,185,500 came from the claiming box to Klaravich Stables and partnerships and 34 horses had changed homes.

From my side of the betting window claim 1 sprint or route is a play. I scroll Aqueduct and Santa Anita every day for claim 1. I have 2 filters; if the horse is the favorite I pass the bet and if he won his last race that is also a pass. I had to pass all 7 of Linda Rice’s claim 1 horses.

Then I check who did they claim from which is the third thing I handicap if the horse gets through the 2 very effective filter’s.

One claiming trainer claiming from another claiming trainer I avoid if I can. I will not bet claim 1 if the horse has switched barns 4 or 5 times. One reason is odds; claiming a favorite and the horse’s next race he will be the favorite again. Another reason is bottom level claiming events and the care that is given to each horse.

I know a groom in Maryland named Ken who worked for Gary Capuano and other claiming trainers. I asked him what did he do with his horses that he knew the horse liked and he said I clean their feet. Horses hate that build up of wet matter in their hoofs. When it dries it can lead to problems. He pulled out the tool he cleaned their feet with. Cleaning their feet makes them happy. He said he would do this for other horses he liked when the other groom’s were not around. Chad Brown would probably order a dozen Kens.

Chad Brown’s education and working for two top trainers at the beginning of his career with lameness and horsemanship and his successes has lead to the 97 claimed away horses. All of those 40 trainers who claimed from Chad Brown know that his horses are well taken care and have pedigree. The focus of Chad Brown’s entire time in racing has been the horse’s legs. For the new owner the dream sets in, maybe I just claimed a stakes runner.

Gulfstream Saturday Chad Brown has two entries and one is with jockey Javier Castellano.

My bet today is Gulfstream Race 12 # 6 Favorable Outcome is a 3/1 Morning Line favorite in a 6 ½ furlong Stakes race. With owner Klaravich Stables and W. H. Lawrence Chad Brown and Javier Castellano in sprint races at Gulfstream are 175-84-48% exacta hit rate.
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We now have 9 Jockey-Trainer Exacta Reports Completed:
New York Circuit: (Includes Aqu-Bel-Sar)
Southern California Circuit: (Includes DMR-LRC-SA)
Kentucky Circuit: (Includes CD, KEE, ELP, TP)
Ed Bain’s track specific thoroughbred Jockey-Trainer Exacta Report Statistics provides the Ace In The Hole for All Handicapping and covers 4 to 5 years of statistics, 2013 thru 2017 that are separated by Sprint (7 furlongs and under) and Route (7 1/2 furlongs and more). Each circuit is in an individual made to order book that lists the Jockey’s name alphabetically, the Trainer’s name, the number of tries, the number of wins and places (1st or 2nd) finishes and the exacta percentage for every jockey who ran a race during these years currently at the above circuits.
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Let me know if there are any Jockey-Trainer Reports that you would like and I’ll make this book for the same price as the other circuits. Allow 2 to 3 weeks to get ready. Though I pull the stats from my database I have to arrange these in a spreadsheet and manually calculate which is the reason for the time.