The Saturday Before Christmas at Aqueduct

There are 87 runners at Aqueduct on Saturday. 56 runners have jockey’s that are 0 percent exactas with the trainers they are riding for over the past 5 years. Must be Christmas.

From the remaining 31 mounts, 9 jockey/trainer combinations have numbers with at least 10 exactas and a 40% exacta hit rate. I looked at each race. All stats are track specific. Here are some interesting stats in each race.

Has 7 runners with 0 in the exacta hits for the trainer they are racing for. The speed handicappers should love this race.

# 3 Irad Ortiz/Linda Rice are 13-6-46% in the exacta sprints.  He has a M/L (Morning Line) of 4/1. Irad is replacing his brother Jose.

# 4 Jr. Alvarado/Bill Mott are 53-24-45% in the exacta at Aqueduct. With Mott in Maiden Claim Sprints they are 18-8-44% with a M/L of 3/1.

# 2 J. Rosario/Rudy Rodriguez are 10-5-50% in the exacta with a M/L of 4/1.

# 4 J. Castellano/ M. Hennig are 4-3-75% in the exacta with a M/L of 5/1.

#7 I. Ortiz/C.C. Brown are 15-6-40% in the exacta with a M/L of 4/5. Irad is on two 4/5 shots today.

Pletcher’s detail page in Ed Bain’s online stats for Won Last Race Favorites.

# 4  I. Ortiz/T. Pletcher in Route Races are 44-21-48%. This is Irad Ortiz other 4/5 favorite. Pletcher on Won Last Race with favorites is 17-13-76% in the exacta with a M/L of 4/5.

# 7 Caramouche/Gargan
are 62-35-56% in the exacta with a M/L of 5/1.

# 2  Caramouch/Cannizzo are 17-8-47% in exacta routes races with a M/L of 4/1. Cannizzo switches from R. Santana Jr. who has no exactas with Cannizzo.

# 8 I. Ortiz/R. Rodriguez are 234-119-51% in exacta route races at Aqueduct with a M/L OF 8/1. Rudy Rodriguez is 40-9-22% in the exacta for Won Last Race with Non Favorites.

# 1 M. Franco/J. Servis are 27-8-30% in exacta sprints with a M/L of 5/1. Servis is 17-1-5% on Debut 1 Sprint.

# 4 Jr. Alvarado/J. A. Jerkens are 5-4-80% in exacta sprints with a M/L of 10/1. Jerkens is 18-6-33% on Debut 1 Sprint for Non favorites.

# 11 I Ortiz/G. Gullo are  31-1-3% in exacta sprints at the Big A. Not every one gives their best mounts to Irad Ortiz. His horse has a M/L of 4/1.

# 7 Jose Casellano/ C.C. Brown are 15-1-7% in exacta sprints with a M/L of 2/1, a favorite.

# 8 Irad Ortiz/T. Pletcher are 91-44-44% in exacta Routes with a M/L of 12/1.

# 9 J. Castellano/ C.C. Brown are 56-25-45% in the exacta and has a M/L of 4/1. Brown in Stake races at Aqueduct is 16-4-25%.

# 10 A.S. Arroyo/S. Klesaris are 56-22-40% in exacta sprints and has a M/L of 7/2. Klesaris is 6-0 when he ships from Parx to Aqueduct.

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